USB Data Cable for HTC S740 Fusion Jade Libra Hurricane Kii Polaris Omni Volans Prophet 1m Long Fast Transfer Charging Cable 1A PVC Black

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CELLONIC® Mini USB to USB A mobile phone Fast Charger and high speed data transfer cable – replacement for HTC chargers and HTC S740 Fusion Jade Libra Hurricane Kii Polaris charging cables.

Lost or damaged your original HTC charging cable? Need a high-quality, long-lasting replacement charging data cable for your smartphone that offers reliable, solid connection and Fast Charging?

This top quality, durable, strong and tough Mini USB to USB A phone USB adapter with a tangle- and kink-free 1m PVC mobile phone charger cord is the perfect replacement USB 2.0 cable for HTC S740 Fusion Jade Libra Hurricane Kii Polaris smart phones .

Charge your HTC phone quickly with this Fast Charging 1A phone battery charger that also functions as a high speed 480 MBit/s - USB 2.0 mobile data cable for syncing and transferring files to and from computers and other devices. 

High quality, high speed 480 MBit/s - USB 2.0 file transfer cable and smartphone charger with Fast Charging 1A capability
Backwards-compatible with previous USB versions
Long-lasting and reliable - flexible, break-proof 1m new phone charger with kink protection

CELLONIC® USB phone charger & data lead
Cable Material: PVC
Plug Material: PVC
Connector 1: Mini USB connector
Connector 2: USB A adapter
Version: USB 2.0
Charging Current: 1A
Data rate (max): 480 MBit/s - USB 2.0
1m long USB lead
Colour: Black

3 Year Manufacturer Guarantee
CELLONIC® Fast Charging cables stand for high-quality and certified standards – that’s why they come with a 36-month guarantee!

Fits the following devices

HTC Advantage
HTC Advantage X7500
HTC Amadeus
HTC Apache
HTC Artemis
HTC Athena
HTC Atom
HTC Blackstone
HTC Charmer
HTC Click 100
HTC Converse
HTC Diamond
HTC Dream
HTC Dream 100
HTC Elfin
HTC Excalibur
HTC Fusion
HTC Fuwa
HTC Galaxy
HTC Gene
HTC Google G1
HTC Herald
HTC Hermes
HTC Hermes 200
HTC Hero
HTC Hurricane
HTC Jade
HTC Kaiser
HTC Libra
HTC Love
HTC Magic
HTC Magician
HTC Maple
HTC Max 4G
HTC Mega
HTC Monet
HTC Neon
HTC Nike
HTC Nike 100
HTC Niki
HTC Omni
HTC Opal
HTC Oxygen
HTC P3300
HTC P3301
HTC P3350
HTC P3400
HTC P3450
HTC P3452
HTC P3600
HTC P3600i
HTC P3650
HTC P3700
HTC P4000
HTC P4350
HTC P4351
HTC P4500
HTC P4550
HTC P5500
HTC P5520
HTC P6300
HTC P6500
HTC Panda
HTC Pharos
HTC Polaris
HTC Prophet
HTC Quartz
HTC Raphael
HTC Rhodium
HTC S310
HTC S350
HTC S410
HTC S420
HTC S620
HTC S710
HTC S711
HTC S730
HTC S740
HTC Sapphire
HTC Sedna
HTC Shift
HTC Sirius
HTC Smart
HTC Snap
HTC T3320
HTC T3330
HTC Tattoo
HTC Topaz
HTC Tornado
HTC Touch
HTC Touch 3G
HTC Touch Color
HTC Touch Cruise
HTC Touch Cruise 2007
HTC Touch Diamond
HTC Touch Diamond2
HTC Touch Dual
HTC Touch HD
HTC Touch Pro
HTC Touch Pro2
HTC Touch Pro2 US
HTC Touch Viva
HTC Touch2
HTC Trinity
HTC Typhoon
HTC Universal
HTC Vogue
HTC Volans
HTC Wings
HTC Wizard
HTC X7500
HTC X7501
HTC X7510
HTC X9500

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Quality product - Supposedly not found in computer parts stores etc ... Delivery nickel ---> Perfect, see you soon
(This review has been automatically translated. Original language: french.)
this product seems satisfactory to me, yes I recommend it
(This review has been automatically translated. Original language: dutch.)
Cable works well.
(This review has been automatically translated. Original language: french.)
RAS on the cable
(This review has been automatically translated. Original language: german.)
Data cable for our daughter's cell phone. Very good quality.
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