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subtel® - UK battery specialists since 2004

subtel® has been a trusted specialist for all types of batteries across Europe and the UK since 2004, offering the best, highest quality rechargeable, disposable and specialist batteries for a wide variety of electronics.

All our batteries are independently tested for performance and quality from our headquarters in Berlin, Germany. Because of this, we offer a manufacturer’s guarantee on every single one.

If you’re looking for high-quality, high-capacity and long-life batteries, battery chargers or battery multipacks, subtel® will have the right battery pack for you.

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A huge selection of battery types

subtel® sells a wide selection of rechargeable batteries, standard disposable batteries and specialist batteries in a variety of shapes and sizes, from leading brands including Duracell, Varta, Panasonic, eneloop and our own in-house brand, CELLONIC®.

In our webshop, you’ll find every battery type from AA (Mignon / R6 / LR6) batteries, AAA (Micro / R03 / LR03 / HR03) batteries, 6v CR 2 / CR15H270 batteries, 9v (E Block / 6F22 / 6LR61 / AM-61) batteries, Duracell J / Flat-Pak / 4LR61 remote control and Polaroid camera batteries, Type C (Baby, R14, LR14, AM2, UM2) batteries, Type D (Mono / R20 / LR20) batteries and more.

The batteries we sell are available in both disposable and rechargeable batteries varieties, singular or multipack and use a range of modern cell technologies, including Lithium Ion, Alkaline and Ni-MH battery cells.

Many of our CELLONIC® rechargeable AA and AAA battery packs come with a fast-charging battery Smart Charger with LED or LCD display - for gentle, intelligent charging that can expand the lifespan of your rechargeable batteries.

Certified safety and proven quality

All subtel® and CELLONIC® batteries use the highest-quality cells: E & ROHS certified, Grade A battery cells with short-circuit, overheating and overvoltage protection that have been tested and certified for optimum capacity, reliability and safety – all before installation.

3-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

Because of this, all of the CELLONIC® batteries we sell at come with a 36-month guarantee.

Should I buy rechargeable batteries or disposable ones?

The decision of whether or not to invest in rechargeable batteries over disposable ones is one that’s changed a lot in the last few years, especially as the technology behind rechargeable batteries has improved and their price decreased.

Modern, nickel-metal hydride and lithium ion rechargeable batteries now offer longer life, higher capacity, quicker charging and at lower costs than their counterparts from just the previous decade.

An important issue to consider when choosing between disposable batteries and rechargeable ones is the waste factor. Every year, billions of single-use, disposable batteries are thrown away and, while it is possible to recycle elements of disposable batteries, many are not disposed of correctly or at the appropriate recycling points. They are, then, much worse for the environment.

Still, the answer of which type of battery to choose is not as clear-cut as just: choose rechargeable batteries. There are situations where alkaline, disposable batteries still outperform rechargeable batteries.

The first is shelf-life. Disposable batteries can be left unused for years without the performance of the battery capacity degrading through self-discharge - a factor that’s unavoidable with rechargeable battery technology.

This means disposable batteries are better suited as back-up batteries for emergency situations, where the battery needs to be functional regardless of how long it’s been left unused.

Disposable batteries are also preferred in devices that use small amounts of power constantly. These include remote controls, smoke alarms, bike lights and clocks, among other things.

Conversely, rechargeable batteries perform better and for longer in devices and appliances that consume a lot of energy. And, when their charge does run out, you can simply recharge and use them again.

Price is also a consideration. While on the surface it may seem that good quality disposable batteries are the cheaper option over good quality rechargeable ones - as the cost of a single disposable battery is considerably less than the cost of a rechargeable one - this can be misleading. With some modern rechargeable batteries lasting for up to 2000 recharges, you’ll quickly make up for that larger, initial investment.

There is also the assumption that disposable batteries are more convenient because you can use them straight out of the packet. While this is true, it’s also true that modern rechargeable batteries come preloaded - also ready to use straight from the packet.

What are the best rechargeable batteries?

When choosing which rechargeable battery packs to buy, first and foremost you should ensure that the batteries you are looking for are 100% compatible with your device. Look for the model number of your original battery and select a new battery which has compatibility with this type.

subtel® sells a wide variety of universal replacement batteries and lists all compatible devices for each one. Pay attention to this list to make sure you’re purchasing the correct replacement battery.

Purchasing higher quality battery cells is always recommended. Cheaper, lower-grade cells often do not contain the correct capacity as stated, will have shorter life spans and will leave you ultimately disappointed.

For this reason, buying batteries and powerpacks from trustworthy companies that comply with all European and International safety standards and have been tested for correct voltage and capacity is the best option for buying long-life, reliable rechargeable batteries that will hold their charge and can be recharged again and again over the long-term.

As specialists in high-quality rechargeable battery packs, all of our replacement batteries come with a manufacturer’s warranty.

What are Smart Battery Chargers?

Smart Chargers, often called Intelligent Chargers, demonstrate an advancement in charging technology.

Controlled by a microprocessor, Smart Chargers automatically adjust their charging speeds and current to match the individual needs of the battery (or batteries) being charged.

With automatic shut-off, under-charging and over-charging protections, overload protection, reverse polarity protection, overheating protection and faulty cell protection, Smart Chargers ‘gently’ recharge batteries - which can improve the performance and prolong the lifespan of a battery.

Reliable power when you need it

When looking for replacement rechargeable or disposable battery, choose a brand you can trust.

subtel® sells Duracell, Varta, Panasonic, eneloop and CELLONIC® brand battery cells, known to use the best materials and technology to create high-end, heavy-duty, high-capacity, reliable and long-life batteries for all device types.

All batteries ordered from subtel® are shipped within the UK from the day your purchase is made and come with a manufacturer’s warranty.

If for whatever reason, you’re unsatisfied with the quality of our batteries you can return them within 30 days.