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subtel® has been a trusted specialist for all types of camera and smartphone accessories across Europe and the UK since 2004, offering the best, highest quality camera stands, tripods and grips for a wide variety of camera types.

All our accessories are independently tested for performance and quality from our headquarters in Berlin, Germany. Because of this, we offer a three-year guarantee on every single one.

If you’re looking for a high-quality camera or smartphone tripod, stabiliser, grip or vLogging selfie stick, subtel® will have the right one for you.

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A huge selection of tripods, stands and handles

subtel® sells a wide selection of lightweight, extendable mobile phone, DSLR and camera tripods, camera holders, video shooting grip handles, mini mobile phone tripods, flexible octopus / spider tripods, vlogging selfie stick tripods, C shape / U shape handheld video Stabilisers, pistol grip camera monopods and more.

Our camera tripods, stands and handles often use universal ¼ inch screws and are compatible for a wide range of device types and brands, including compact cameras, DSLRs, video cameras, camcorders, action cameras and smartphones from brands such as Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm, Fuji, Sony, Olympus, Panasonic, Kodak and GoPro, Apple iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, XTE and many others with the addition of a mount.

Take stable, reliable photography with a sturdy yet lightweight, compact and adjustable tripod with guide bar and spirit level - perfect for filming or video shoots, use as a webcam, for stationary photography such as product photography and many other uses.

Alternatively, take photos on the go with camera monopods for smartphones perfect for TikTok, YouTube and vLogging, smartphone tripods with flexible legs that can attach anywhere - from tree branches and fences, the handlebars of your bike, the bannister of a staircase and many more places - to video stabiliser grips for cameras and DSLR cameras which offer stable video when on the move.

Most subtel® camera tripods come in tough, lightweight materials and feature anti-slop rubber feet for added stability and security.

Certified security and proven quality

All subtel® products are individually tested for performance and are in complete compliance with all European and International quality and safety standards.

3-year manufacturer’s warranty

Made using the highest quality materials, all of our tripods, stands and handles for cameras and smartphones come with a 3-year guarantee.

What is a ¼" screw thread for cameras and tripods?

The ¼ inch 20 UNC thread (1/4" diameter, 20 threads per inch) is the most common mounting screw used to attach cameras to tripods, stabilisers, handles and many other photography tools and accessories.

Almost all small-to-midsized cameras come with a female 1/4-20 socket on their underside. This includes most of the cameras and camera types on the market today. Larger cameras, including professional video cameras, however, take a differently-sized, heavier duty thread.

Likewise, most tripods, handles and stabilisers targeted at small-to-midsized cameras come with a mounting head featuring a 1/4-20 thumbscrew which will perfectly and securely fit a camera’s 1/4-20 socket.

What is a phone tripod mount?

Due to the fact that smartphones do not have ¼ inch 20 UNC thread sockets, they cannot be directly attached to a tripod.

This does not mean, however, that your mobile phone cannot be used on a tripod. It simply means that you’ll need to purchase an additional mobile phone tripod mount to allow you to mount your phone onto a tripod.

A phone tripod mount fixes onto your tripod via a ¼ inch 20 UNC thread socket and works similar to a clamp - with an adjustable frame designed to securely hold your smartphone in place on top of the tripod in either landscape or portrait position.

These phone tripod mounts are generally ‘universal’, meaning they’re not designed to be used with specific phone models or brands. Instead, any phone that fits within the size of the phone tripod mount can be used.

The standard sizing for universal phone tripod mounts fit any smartphone with a width of 2"–3", 5.5cm-8cm. If your smartphone exceeds these dimensions, you’ll have to find a larger mount.

Many of the mobile phone tripods for sale at subtel® come with a universal phone tripod mount included - meaning you won’t have to buy one separately.

How do I know if a tripod fits my camera or phone?

Before buying a tripod for a camera, camcorder, action camera or smartphone, it’s important to first check if your device will actually fit onto it.

Questions you should ask yourself before buying are: does my camera screw socket match that of the tripod’s? And will I need to purchase an extra holder, casing or housing to mount my device onto the tripod?

Most cameras fit to tripods via their shared ¼ inch 20 UNC thread thumbscrew and socket. If your camera features a ¼ inch 20 UNC thread socket and the tripod a ¼ inch 20 UNC thread screw, they will be compatible for each other.

Some action cameras, such as GoPros, do not feature ¼ inch 20 UNC thread sockets. In the case of these devices, you will either have to buy a housing for the device which does feature a ¼ inch 20 UNC thread socket, or buy some other kind of specialised adapter and mount for it.

With smartphones and mobile phones, you will have to use a mobile phone tripod mount. These mounts fit securely around your smartphone and feature a ¼ inch 20 UNC thread socket, enabling you to mount your smartphone onto the tripod.

All of the tripods, stands, holders, grips and stabilisers we sell on have a “Fits the following devices” list on their product pages. Here, we list all of the cameras, smartphones and more that we are 100% sure fit perfectly with that product. So, if you’re ever unsure, just check that list to see if your camera is compatible.

Take stable, professional photographs and videos

When looking for a new or replacement tripod, stand, grip or handle for your camera or smartphone, choose a brand you can trust.

All products ordered from subtel® are shipped within the UK from the day your purchase is made and come with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

If for whatever reason you’re unsatisfied with the quality of our products, you can return them within 30 days.