subtel® Laptop Battery for Samsung 300V3A / NP300V3A / 305V5A / NP305V5A / 300E5A / NP300E5A / 300E5C AA-PB9NC6B 6600mAh Notebook Replacement Battery Power Bank

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Cell Technology:
Lithium Ion
10.8V - 11.1V

Compatibility list

Bring your Samsung laptop back to full charge with this brand new, compatible 300V3A, NP300V3A, 305V5A, NP305V5A battery replacement from subtel®.

Just because your laptop battery doesn’t hold its charge like it used to, it doesn’t mean you have to buy a whole new laptop.

Replacement laptop batteries give your notebook a second life, enabling you to work, watch videos or play games for many more hours between charges – just like when your laptop was new.

This subtel® AA-PB9NC6B replacement laptop battery has been specifically designed for use as a Samsung replacement battery for 300V3A, NP300V3A, 305V5A, NP305V5A .

High-capacity, long battery life – 6600mAh for extended use between charges.
Long service life at full power – battery uses Lithium cells without memory effect, for premium performance and increased lifespan.
Certified safety and quality – CE & ROHS certified, Grade A laptop power bank with short-circuit, overheating and overvoltage protection.
Thorough, comprehensive testing – each battery cell is tested for optimum capacity and to ensure all safety requirements are met – all before installation.

Battery Specifications:
Capacity: 6600mAh
Voltage: 10.8V - 11.1V
Cell Technology: Lithium Ion

Please Note: >> A replacement lithium-ion battery with a higher capacity (1000mAh or more) will protrude slightly at the bottom or rear but will still be suitable to use, as our replacement battery has been designed to be compatible with the battery compartment in your laptop.

3-Year Guarantee
Founded in 2004, subtel is an international, specialist retailer dealing in only high-quality products. That’s why we offer a 36-month guarantee.

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Samsung AA-PB9MC6W
Samsung AA-PB9NC6B
Samsung AA-PB9NC6W
Samsung AA-PB9NS6B
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Fits the following devices

Samsung 270E4E / NP270E4E
Samsung 270E5E / NP270E5E
Samsung 270E5G / NP270E5G
Samsung 275E4E / NP275E4E
Samsung 275E5E / NP275E5E
Samsung 300E4A / NP300E4A
Samsung 300E4C / NP300E4C
Samsung 300E4E / NP300E4E
Samsung 300E5A / NP300E5A
Samsung 300E5C / NP300E5C
Samsung 300E5E / NP300E5E
Samsung 300E7A / NP300E7A
Samsung 300V3A / NP300V3A
Samsung 300V4A / NP300V4A
Samsung 305E5A / NP305E5A
Samsung 305E7A / NP305E7A
Samsung 305V4A / NP305V4A
Samsung 305V5A / NP305V5A
Samsung 350E5C / NP350E5C
Samsung 350E7C / NP350E7C
Samsung 350V5C / NP350V5C
Samsung 355E5C / NP355E5C
Samsung 355E7C / NP355E7C
Samsung 355V5C / NP355V5C
Samsung 365E5C / NP365E5C
Samsung 550P5C / NP550P5C
Samsung 550P7C / NP550P7C
Samsung E251 / NP-E251
Samsung E252 / NP-E252
Samsung E257 / NP-E257
Samsung E271 / NP-E271
Samsung E272 / NP-E272
Samsung E352 / NP-E352
Samsung E372 / NP-E372
Samsung E452 / NP-E452
Samsung P480 / NP-P480
Samsung P510 / NP-P510
Samsung P530 / NP-P530
Samsung P530 / NP-P530I
Samsung P580 / NP-P580
Samsung Q320 / NP-Q320
Samsung Q320 / NP-Q320E
Samsung Q530 / NP-Q530
Samsung Q530 / NP-Q530E
Samsung R515 / NP-R515
Samsung R515 / NP-R515E
Samsung R519 / NP-R519
Samsung R519 / NP-R519E
Samsung R520 / NP-R520
Samsung R520 / NP-R520E
Samsung R522 / NP-R522
Samsung R522 / NP-R522E
Samsung R525 / NP-R525
Samsung R525 / NP-R525E
Samsung R530 / NP-R530
Samsung R530 / NP-R530E
Samsung R540 / NP-R540
Samsung R540 / NP-R540E
Samsung R540 / NP-R540EP
Samsung R540 / NP-R540I
Samsung R580 / NP-R580
Samsung R580 / NP-R580E
Samsung R590 / NP-R590
Samsung R590 / NP-R590E
Samsung R620 / NP-R620
Samsung R620 / NP-R620E
Samsung R719 / NP-R719
Samsung R719 / NP-R719E
Samsung R720 / NP-R720
Samsung R720 / NP-R720E
Samsung R780 / NP-R780
Samsung R780 / NP-R780E
Samsung R780 / NP-R780VE
Samsung RC510 / NP-RC510
Samsung RC510 / NP-RC510E
Samsung RC512 / NP-RC512
Samsung RC512 / NP-RC512I
Samsung RC520 / NP-RC520
Samsung RC520 / NP-RC520H
Samsung RC530 / NP-RC530
Samsung RC710 / NP-RC710
Samsung RC710 / NP-RC710E
Samsung RC720 / NP-RC720
Samsung RC720 / NP-RC720H
Samsung RF510 / NP-RF510
Samsung RF510 / NP-RF510E
Samsung RF511 / NP-RF511
Samsung RF710 / NP-RF710
Samsung RF711 / NP-RF711
Samsung RV510 / NP-RV510
Samsung RV510 / NP-RV510E
Samsung RV510 / NP-RV510I
Samsung RV511 / NP-RV511
Samsung RV511 / NP-RV511E
Samsung RV511 / NP-RV511I
Samsung RV515 / NP-RV515
Samsung RV515 / NP-RV515E
Samsung RV520 / NP-RV520
Samsung RV520 / NP-RV520E
Samsung RV520 / NP-RV520I
Samsung RV711 / NP-RV711
Samsung RV711 / NP-RV711E
Samsung RV711 / NP-RV711I
Samsung RV720 / NP-RV720
Samsung RV720 / NP-RV720E
Samsung RV720 / NP-RV720I
Samsung SA21 / NP-SA21
Samsung SA41 / NP-SA41
Samsung SE20 / NP-SE20
Samsung SE20 / NP-SE20E

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