USB Tablet Charger for 1m Fast Charging 1A Tablet Data Cable USB 2.0 Adapter PVC - Black

USB Tablet Charger for 1m Fast Charging 1A Tablet Data Cable USB 2.0 Adapter PVC - Black

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USB Tablet Charger for 1m Fast Charging 1A Tablet Data Cable USB 2.0 Adapter PVC - Black USB Tablet Charger for 1m Fast Charging 1A Tablet Data Cable USB 2.0 Adapter PVC - Black USB Tablet Charger for 1m Fast Charging 1A Tablet Data Cable USB 2.0 Adapter PVC - Black USB Tablet Charger for 1m Fast Charging 1A Tablet Data Cable USB 2.0 Adapter PVC - Black USB Tablet Charger for 1m Fast Charging 1A Tablet Data Cable USB 2.0 Adapter PVC - Black
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Compatibility list

CELLONIC® Tablet Fast Charger and high speed data transfer cable – 100% compatible replacement for Sony chargers and Sony PRS-350 / PRS-650 / PRS-T1 / PRS-T2 charging cables.

Lost or damaged your original Sony charging cable? Get this high-quality, long-lasting replacement charging data cable for your tablet that offers Fast Charging and a reliable, solid connection – just like the original!

Charge your tablet quickly with this Fast Charging 1A capable USB tablet charging cable that also functions as a high speed 480 MBit/s - USB 2.0 tablet data cable – allowing you to sync with other computers and devices for the fast and secure transferring of files, music, images and videos.

Top quality, durable and tough, this Micro USB to USB A tab charger / eReader charger with a tangle- and kink-free 1m PVC charging lead is the perfect replacement USB 2.0 cable for Sony PRS-350 / PRS-650 / PRS-T1 / PRS-T2 tablet chargers and more.

High-quality data transfer cable for connecting your tablet to other devices

Transfer data in the shortest time – USB 2.0 power cable with fast 480 MBit/s - USB 2.0 data transfer rate for quick file transfers
Secure data transfer - transfer cable for copying documents, photos, videos & music from your tablet to your laptop, computer & more
Software / firmware updates supported - computer cable with 480 MBit/s - USB 2.0 high transfer rate
Backwards compatible with previous USB versions 

High-speed Micro USB to USB A tablet charging cable

Micro USB adapter cable - charging lead for all devices with Micro USB charging port
Lasting workmanship - Flexible, break-proof power cable with kink protection for the plug socket
100% compatible - the perfect spare or replacement USB data cable for your Sony tablet.

Sony PRS-350 / PRS-650 / PRS-T1 / PRS-T2 cable specifications:
CELLONIC® Tablet Data & Charging lead / Interface cable
Cable Material: PVC
Plug Material: PVC
Connector 1: Micro USB connector
Connector 2: USB A adapter
Version: USB 2.0
Charging Current: 1A
Data rate (max): 480 MBit/s - USB 2.0
1m long USB lead
Colour: Black

3-Year Guarantee
As an international specialist retailer since 2004, we know what matters when it comes to high-quality tablet-to-computer data cables, transfer cables, charger cables & more. That's why our replacement Sony charging cables come with a 36-month guarantee!

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Alcatel One Touch Pop 3 (5) (5015 / 5015D)
Alcatel One Touch Pop 3 (5.5) (5025 / 5025D)
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Alcatel One Touch Pop C2 (4032 / 4032D)
Alcatel One Touch Pop C3 (4033 / 4033D)
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Alcatel One Touch Pop C7 (7041 / 7041D)
Alcatel One Touch Pop C9 (7047 / 7047D)
Alcatel One Touch Pop Star (5022 / 5022D)
Alcatel One Touch Pop Up (6044 / 6044D)
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Astell & Kern SR15
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ASUS MeMO Pad 7 ME176C (K013)
ASUS MeMO Pad 7 ME572C (K007)
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ASUS MeMO Pad 8 ME581CL (K015)
ASUS MeMO Pad Smart ME301T
ASUS Nexus 7 (2012)
ASUS Nexus 7 (2013)
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ASUS Padfone 2
ASUS Padfone 2 Tablet A68
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ASUS Transformer Pad TF303CL (K014)
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ASUS VivoTab Smart ME400C
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ASUS ZenFone 3 Max (ZC553KL)
ASUS ZenFone 3s Max
ASUS ZenFone 4 (2014)
ASUS ZenFone 4 Max (ZC520KL)
ASUS ZenFone 4 Selfie Pro
ASUS ZenFone 5 (2014)
ASUS ZenFone 6 (2014)
ASUS ZenFone Go
ASUS ZenFone Go (ZB500KL)
ASUS ZenFone Go TV
ASUS ZenFone Live
ASUS ZenFone Max
ASUS Zenfone Max (M2)
ASUS ZenFone Max Plus (M1)
ASUS Zenfone Max Pro (M1)
ASUS Zenfone Max Pro (M2)
ASUS ZenFone Selfie (ZD551KL)
ASUS ZenFone Zoom (ZX550)
ASUS ZenPad 10 (Z300C)
ASUS ZenPad 10 (Z300CG)
ASUS ZenPad 10 (Z300CL)
ASUS ZenPad 10 (Z300M)
ASUS ZenPad 7.0 (Z370C)
ASUS ZenPad 8.0 (Z380C)
ASUS ZenPad 8.0 (Z380KL)
ASUS ZenPad C 7.0 (Z170CG)
Audioline Amplicom PowerTel M4000
Audioline Amplicom PowerTel M5000
Audioline Amplicom PowerTel M6000
August BL-5C
August LP310
August MB225
August MB415
Avantree BL-5C
Avantree SP850
Base Lutea
Base Lutea 2
Base Lutea 3
Base Tab
Base Varia
Bea-fon AL550
Bea-fon AL560
Bea-fon C150
Bea-fon C240
Bea-fon C250
Bea-fon C260
Bea-fon C30
Bea-fon C400
Bea-fon Flexy 1F
Bea-fon S200
Bea-fon S210
Bea-fon S30
Bea-fon S31
Bea-fon S33
Bea-fon S35
Bea-fon S35i
Bea-fon S40
Bea-fon S400
Bea-fon S50
Bea-fon Safer 1S
Bea-fon SL140
Bea-fon SL205
Bea-fon SL215
Bea-fon SL240
Bea-fon SL250
Bea-fon SL320
Bea-fon SL340
Bea-fon SL350
Bea-fon SL450
Bea-fon SL470
Bea-fon SL550
Bea-fon SL560
Bea-fon SL570
Bea-fon SL590
Bea-fon SL595 Plus
Bea-fon SL650
Bea-fon SL651A
Bea-fon SL660
Bea-fon SL670
Bea-fon T850
Bea-fon Tracer 1T
Bea-fon Visitor 1V
Bea-fon X5
Beats Pill 1.0
Beats Pill 2
Beats Pill 2.0
Beats Powerbeat 2 Wireless
Beats Powerbeat 3 Wireless
Beats Powerbeats 2 Wireless
Beats Powerbeats 3 Wireless
Beats Solo
Beats Solo 2.0
Beats Solo 3.0
Beats Studio
Beats Studio 2.0
Beats Studio 3.0
beaucom Enigma T301E
Becker Active 45
Becker Active 50
Becker Active.5 CE LMU
Becker Active.5 LMU
Becker Active.5 LMU Plus
Becker Active.5S EU
Becker Active.5SL EU
Becker Active.6 CE LMU
Becker Active.6 LMU Plus
Becker Active.7S EU
Becker Active.7SL EU
Becker Mamba
Becker Mamba 4 CE LMU EU
Becker Mamba.4 CE LMU
Becker Professional 50
Becker Professional 70 LMU
Becker Professional.5 LMU
Becker Professional.6 LMU
Becker Ready 45
Becker Ready 45 EU19
Becker Ready 45 ICE
Becker Ready 45 LMU
Becker Ready 45 SE
Becker Ready 50
Becker Ready 50 EU19
Becker Ready 50 EU20
Becker Ready 50 EU20 LMU
Becker Ready 50 ICE
Becker Ready 50 LMU 20
Becker Ready 50 LMU Plus
Becker Ready 50 SE LMU
Becker Ready 70 LMU
Becker Ready.5 CE
Becker Ready.5 EU
Becker Ready.6 EU
Becker revo.1
Becker revo.2
Becker Revo.2 Truck
Becker Transit 45
Becker Transit 50
Becker Transit 70 LMU
Becker Transit 70 LMU Pro
Becker Transit.5 LMU
Becker Transit.6 LMU
Becker Transit.7 SL EU
Belkin Tizi Mobile DVB-T Tuner
Benjie A28-16Gb
Benjie JIAZI-16G
Benjie JIAZI-8G
Benjie K11-16Gb
Benjie M26-NB-16Gb
Benjie M26B-16Gb
Benjie S8-8Gb
Benjie X1-16Gb
Bertronic BC01-128Gb
Bertronic BC01-32Gb
Bertronic BC01-64Gb
Bertronic BC02-8Gb
Bertronic BC04-16Gb
Bertronic BC04-32Gb
Bertronic Thor BC910-128Gb
Bertronic Thor BC910-16Gb
Bertronic Thor BC910-32Gb
Bertronic Thor BC910-64Gb
Bertronic Thor BC910-8Gb
BlackBerry 9620
BlackBerry 9720
BlackBerry Aurora
BlackBerry Bold 9650
BlackBerry Bold 9700
BlackBerry Bold 9780
BlackBerry Bold 9790
BlackBerry Bold 9900
BlackBerry Bold 9930
BlackBerry Classic
BlackBerry Curve 8520
BlackBerry Curve 8530
BlackBerry Curve 8900
BlackBerry Curve 8910
BlackBerry Curve 9220
BlackBerry Curve 9300
BlackBerry Curve 9310
BlackBerry Curve 9315
BlackBerry Curve 9320
BlackBerry Curve 9350
BlackBerry Curve 9360
BlackBerry Curve 9370
BlackBerry Curve 9380
BlackBerry DTEK50
BlackBerry Evolve
BlackBerry Evolve X
BlackBerry Leap
BlackBerry P9981
BlackBerry P9982
BlackBerry P9983
BlackBerry Passport
BlackBerry Passport AT
BlackBerry Pearl 9100
BlackBerry Pearl 9105
BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220
BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8230
BlackBerry PlayBook (RDJ21WW)
BlackBerry Porsche Design P'9981
BlackBerry Porsche Design P'9982
BlackBerry Porsche Design P'9983
BlackBerry Priv
BlackBerry Q10
BlackBerry Q20
BlackBerry Q5
BlackBerry Storm 9500
BlackBerry Storm 9530
BlackBerry Storm II 9520
BlackBerry Storm II 9550
BlackBerry Style 9670
BlackBerry Torch 9800
BlackBerry Torch 9810
BlackBerry Torch 9850
BlackBerry Torch 9860
BlackBerry Tour 9630
BlackBerry Venice
BlackBerry Z10
BlackBerry Z3
BlackBerry Z30
Blackburn Rear Light Central 10
Blackview A10
Blackview A20
Blackview A20 Pro
Blackview A5
Blackview A55
Blackview A60
Blackview A60 Plus 4G
Blackview A60 Pro
Blackview A7
Blackview A7 Pro
Blackview A70
Blackview A8
Blackview A8 MAX
Blackview A80s 4G
Blackview BV2000
Blackview BV5800 Pro
Blackview BV6800 Pro
Blackview BV9500
Blackview BV9500 Plus
Blackview BV9500 Pro
Blackview E7
Blackview E7s
Blackview OSCAL C20
Blackview OSCAL C20 Pro
Blackview R6
Blackview R6 Lite
Blackview R7
Blaupunkt 4Kids
Blaupunkt BikePilot 2
Blaupunkt BikePilot 2 Plus
Blaupunkt BS 02
Blaupunkt BT 20
Blaupunkt BT 202
Blaupunkt BT 5
Blaupunkt BT 50
Blaupunkt BT 55e
Blaupunkt BT 6
Blaupunkt BT 7
Blaupunkt BTL 100
Blaupunkt BTLK 1751
Blaupunkt BTR 60
Blaupunkt Discovery 1000C
Blaupunkt Discovery 1001
Blaupunkt Discovery 1010WI
Blaupunkt Discovery 1011WI
Blaupunkt Discovery 102C
Blaupunkt Discovery 108C
Blaupunkt Discovery 111C
Blaupunkt Discovery 720
Blaupunkt Endeavour 1000 HD
Blaupunkt Endeavour 1000 QC
Blaupunkt Endeavour 1001
Blaupunkt Endeavour 1010
Blaupunkt Endeavour 1013
Blaupunkt Endeavour 101G
Blaupunkt Endeavour 101L
Blaupunkt Endeavour 101M
Blaupunkt Endeavour 1100
Blaupunkt Endeavour 785
Blaupunkt Endeavour 800 HD
Blaupunkt Endeavour 800 NG
Blaupunkt Endeavour 800 QC
Blaupunkt FL 01
Blaupunkt FL 02
Blaupunkt FM 01 Slider
Blaupunkt FS 03
Blaupunkt FXS 01
Blaupunkt Polaris (1081234705001)
Blaupunkt Polaris 803
Blaupunkt Polaris 808
Blaupunkt Polaris 808 BE
Blaupunkt Polaris BE
Blaupunkt Polaris QC
Blaupunkt SF 01
Blaupunkt SL 01
Blaupunkt SL 02
Blaupunkt SL 04
Blaupunkt SL Plus 02
Blaupunkt SM 01
Blaupunkt SM 02
Blaupunkt TravelPilot 53
Blaupunkt TravelPilot 53 Alpha EU LMU
Blaupunkt TravelPilot 53 CE LMU
Blaupunkt TravelPilot 53 EU LMU
Blaupunkt TravelPilot 55
Blaupunkt TravelPilot 55 ACTIVE CE LMU
Blaupunkt TravelPilot 55 ACTIVE EU LMU
Blaupunkt TravelPilot 55 ACTIVE Truck
Blaupunkt TravelPilot 65
Blaupunkt TravelPilot 65 ACTIVE CONNECT CE LMU
Blaupunkt TravelPilot 65 ACTIVE CONNECT EU LMU
Bluboo D1
Bluboo D2
Bluboo D6
Bluboo Dual
Bluboo Edge
Bluboo Maya
Bluboo R1
Blue Yeti Nano
Blue Yeti X
BMW Navigator 6
Bosch Intuvia
Bosch Intuvia Display
Bosch Nyon
Bosch Nyon 2
Bosch Purion
Bose AE2w Bluetooth
Bose Noise-Masking Sleepbuds
Bose On-Ear Wireless
Bose QC20 Acoustic Noise Cancelling
Bose QuietComfort 20 In-Ear
Bose QuietComfort 20i
Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless
Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless II
Bose QuietControl 30 Wireless
Bose SoundLink Around-Ear Bluetooth
Bose SoundLink Around-Ear Wireless II
Bose SoundLink Color
Bose SoundLink Micro
Bose Soundlink Mini 2
Bose Soundlink Mini II
Bose SoundLink On-Ear Bluetooth
Bose SoundLink Revolve
Bose SoundLink Revolve Plus
Bose SoundSport Free Wireless
Bose SoundSport Pulse Wireless
Bose SoundSport Wireless
Bose SoundWear Companion
Bose SoundWear Companion Speaker
bq Aquaris A4.5
bq Aquaris E10
bq Aquaris E4
bq Aquaris E4.5
bq Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu Edition
bq Aquaris E5
bq Aquaris E5 4G
bq Aquaris E5 HD Ubuntu Edition
bq Aquaris E5 HD/FHD
bq Aquaris E5 LTE
bq Aquaris E5s
bq Aquaris E6
bq Aquaris M 2017
bq Aquaris M10
bq Aquaris M4.5
bq Aquaris M5
bq Aquaris M5.5
bq Aquaris U
bq Aquaris U Lite
bq Aquaris U Plus
bq Aquaris U2
bq Aquaris U2 Lite
bq Aquaris V
bq Aquaris V Plus
bq Aquaris VS
bq Aquaris VS Plus
bq Aquaris X5
bq Aquaris X5 Cyanogen
bq Aquaris X5 Plus
bq Edison 3
bq Edison 3 Mini
Brondi Amico Di Casa
Brondi Amico Favoloso
Brondi Amico Home
Brondi Amico Mio 4G
Brondi Amico N Uno
Brondi Amico Sincero
Brondi Amico Supervoice
Brondi Amico Unico
Brondi Brio
Brondi Contender
Brondi Fox
Brondi King
Brondi Magnum 4
Brondi President
Brondi Stallion
Brondi Stone
Brondi Window
Bryton Aero 60
Bryton Rider 10
Bryton Rider 15
Bryton Rider 310
Bryton Rider 320
Bryton Rider 330
Bryton Rider 410
Bryton Rider 420
Bryton Rider 450
Bryton Rider 530
Bryton Rider 750
Bryton Rider 750T
Bryton Rider 860
Bryton Rider one
BUDDYGO Handheld Spielkonsole 2.8"
Buechel Vancouver Pro
Cacagoo MP3-Player 16Gb
Campark ACT76
Campark X15
Campark X20
Campark X30
Canon EOS 250D
Canon EOS 850D
Canon EOS 90D
Canon EOS M200
Canon EOS M5
Canon EOS M50
Canon EOS M50 Mark II
Canon EOS M6
Canon PowerShot G1x Mark III
Canon Powershot G5 x
Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II
Canon PowerShot G9 x
Canon PowerShot G9 x Mark II
Canon PowerShot SX620 HS
Canon PowerShot SX70 HS
Canon PowerShot SX720 HS
Canon PowerShot SX730 HS
Canon PowerShot SX740 HS
Canon Zoemini
Canon Zoemini C
Canon Zoemini S
Casio Exilim EX-FR100
Casio Exilim EX-TR10
Casio Exilim EX-TR15
Casio Exilim EX-TR300
Casio Exilim EX-TR350
Casio Exilim EX-ZR700
Casio Exilim EX-ZR710
Casio Exilim EX-ZR750
Casio Exilim EX-ZR800
CAT B100
Cateye AMPP1100
Cateye AMPP400
Cateye AMPP500
Cateye AMPP800
Cateye GVolt 20 (HL-EL350G-RC)
Cateye GVolt 25
Cateye GVolt 50
Cateye GVolt 70.1
Cateye GVolt70
Cateye GVolt80
Cateye Volt100
Cateye Volt1200
Cateye Volt1600
Cateye Volt1700
Cateye Volt200
Cateye Volt200XC
Cateye Volt300
Cateye Volt400
Cateye Volt400 Duplex
Cateye Volt400XC
Cateye Volt500XC
Cateye Volt700
Cateye Volt80
Cateye Volt800
Clarisonic Mia Prima
Clarisonic Mia Smart
Continental XT 1.0
Continental XT 2.0
Coolpad Halo
Coolpad Halo F1
Coolpad K1
Coolpad Max
Coolpad Modena
Coolpad Modena 2
Coolpad Porto
Coolpad Porto S
Coolpad S6
Coolpad Torino
Coolpad Torino S
Cowon M2
Cowon Plenue D2
Creative Airwave
Creative Chrono
Creative Halo
Creative Metallix
Creative Metallix Plus
Creative MUVO 10
Creative MUVO 1c
Creative MUVO 2
Creative MUVO 20
Creative MUVO 2c
Creative MUVO mini
Creative NUNO
Creative NUNO micro
Creative Omni
Creative Sound Blaster Free
Creative Sound BlasterAxx AXX 200
Creative Woof³
Crestron TSR-310 Handheld Touch Screen Remote
Crosscall Action-X3
Crosscall Trekker-X3
Crosstour CT7000
Crosstour CT8000
Crosstour CT9000
Crosstour CT9500 
Crosstour CT9700
CUBOT Cheetah Phone
CUBOT Dinosaur
CUBOT Hafury Mix
CUBOT J5 (2019)
CUBOT King Kong
CUBOT Manito
CUBOT Note 7
CUBOT Rainbow
CUBOT Rainbow 2
CUBOT S550 Pro
CUBOT X18 Plus
CUBOT Z100 Pro
CXYP Handheld Spielkonsole 4,3"
CycleOps Joule GPS
D-Link DCS-6500LH/E
D-Link DWR-730
D-Link DWR-932
D-Link DWR-9333
DB Power 4K Sports Action Camera (DB0918)
DB Power 4K WiFi Action Camera
DB Power EX 5000 1080p Action Camera
DB Power N5 4K Action Camera
Dell Latitude 10 Tablet
Dell Venue 10 Pro (5055)
Dell Venue 11 Pro (5130)
Dell Venue 11 Pro (7130)
Dell Venue 11 Pro (T06G)
Dell Venue 11 Pro (T07G)
Dell Venue 7 (3730)
Dell Venue 7 (3740)
Dell Venue 7 (T01C)
Dell Venue 8 (3840)
Dell Venue 8 (T02D)
Dell Venue 8 Pro (3845)
Dell Venue 8 Pro (5830)
Dell Venue 8 Pro (7848)
Dell Venue 8 Pro (T01D)
Dell Venue Pro (V02S)
Dell XPS 10 Tablet
DeTeWe Vision 4000
Diswoe ET15604
DJI Googles
DJI Osmo Mobile 2
DJI RoboMaster S1
DOOGEE BL5500 Lite
DOOGEE Galicia X5
DOOGEE Kissme DG580
DOOGEE Shoot 1
DOOGEE Shoot 2
Doro 1370
Doro 2404
Doro 2414
Doro 2424
Doro 5030
Doro 5516
Doro 5860
Doro 6030
Doro 6031
Doro 6040
Doro 6050
Doro 6060
Doro 6520
Doro 6530
Doro 6820
Doro 6880
Doro 7010
Doro 7030
Doro 7060
Doro 7080
Doro 730X
Doro 780X
Doro 8031
Doro 8031C
Doro 8035
Doro 820 Claria
Doro Liberto 650
Doro Liberto 810
Doro Liberto 820
Doro Liberto 820 Mini
Doro Liberto 825
Doro PhoneEasy 506
Doro PhoneEasy 508
Doro PhoneEasy 508s
Doro PhoneEasy 509
Doro PhoneEasy 510gsm
Doro PhoneEasy 605
Doro PhoneEasy 609 / 609 GSM
Doro PhoneEasy 610
Doro PhoneEasy 611
Doro PhoneEasy 612
Doro PhoneEasy 613
Doro PhoneEasy 615
Doro PhoneEasy 621
Doro PhoneEasy 622
Doro PhoneEasy 631
Doro PhoneEasy 632
Doro PhoneEasy 715gsm
Doro PhoneEasy 740
Doro Primo 215
Doro Primo 305
Doro Primo 365
Doro Primo 366
Doro Primo 401
Doro Primo 405
Doro Primo 406
Doro Primo 413
Doro Primo 414
Doro Primo 571
Doro Secure 580
Doro Secure 580IUP
Doro Secure 628
Dual DAB 85
Easypix EasyPad 970 Satellite
Easypix EasyPad 971
Easypix EasyPad 972
Easypix GoXtreme Adventure Action Camera
Easypix GoXtreme WiFi Pro Full HD Action Camera
Easypix KiddyPad
Easypix MonsterPad EP751
Easypix MonsterPad EP770
Easypix MonsterPad EP771
Easypix SmartPad EP752 Neo
Easypix SmartPad EP753
Easypix SmartPad EP772 Neo
Easypix SmartPad EP800 Ultra
Echo Buzz
Echo Clap 2
Echo Clap Plus 2
Echo Clap S
Echo Dune
Echo First 2
Echo First Plus 2
Echo Flow
Echo Fusion
Echo Holi
Echo Horizon
Echo Lolly
Echo Memento
Echo Moon
Echo Moss
Echo Note
Echo Paris
Echo Push
Echo Shock
Echo Shock 3G
Echo Slide
Echo Smart
Echo Smart 4G
Echo Star Plus
Echo Stellar
Echo Surf
Echo Volt
Echo Wiz
Edifier TWS1
Edifier TWS2
Edifier TWS5
Edifier W800BT
Edifier W820BT
Edifier W830BT
Edifier W860NB
Edifier X3
Edifier X5
Eken H8
Eken H8 Pro
Eken H8R
Eken H9
Eken H9R
Eko Full HD 1080p Wifi
Eko HD 720p
Eko Ultra HD 4K Wifi
Elehot MBT219
Elephone A4 Pro
Elephone A6 Mini
Elephone A8
Elephone C1X
Elephone H1
Elephone P5000
Elephone P8
Elephone P8 Mini
Elephone P8000
Elephone P9000
Elephone P9000 Edge
Elephone P9000 Lite
Elephone S3 Lite
Elephone S7
Elephone U Pro
Emporia Comfort
Emporia Connect
Emporia Essential
Emporia Euphoria V50
Emporia FLIP
Emporia Glam
Emporia ONE
Emporia PURE
Emporia Pure v25
Emporia Select
Emporia Smart
Emporia SMART.2
Emporia TALKsmart
Emporia Telme C140
Emporia Telme C150
Emporia Telme C151
Emporia Telme T200
Emporia Telme X200
Energizer Energy E240S
Energizer H20
Energizer Hardcase H240S
Energizer Hardcase H500S
Energizer Power Max P20
Energizer Power Max P490
Energizer Power Max P490S
Etmury Handheld Spielkonsole 2.8"
ETPARK Handheld Spielkonsole 2.8"
Eve Cam
Evolveo MiniDVR DV
Evolveo Sportcam A8
Evolveo Sportcam W7
Evolveo Sportcam W8
Fairphone 1
Fairphone 2
Falk FLEX 400
Falk FLEX 450
Falk FLEX 500
Falk FLEX 500 2nd Edition
Falk IBEX 25
Falk IBEX 25 Europe Touring
Falk IBEX 32
Falk IBEX 40 Cross
Falk Neo 440
Falk Neo 450
Falk Neo 520
Falk Neo 520 LMU
Falk Neo 550
Falk Neo 550 2nd Edition
Falk Neo 620 LMU
Falk Neo 640 Camper
Falk Neo 640 LMU
Falk Neo 640 LMU Camper
Falk Pantera 32
Falk Pantera 32 plus
Falk Pantera XC
Falk Pur 500
Falk Pur 550
Falk Pur 550 2nd Edition
Falk Tiger Blu
Falk Tiger Geo
Falk Tiger Pro
FenQan D29
FenQan XO2
FiiO X1
FiiO X5 (3. Gen)
Flybiz Handheld Spielkonsole 3"
fontastic BaXx
fontastic Boom
fontastic Dima
fontastic Sona
fontastic Toka
fontastic Xtaz
Fresh 'n Rebel Caps 2 Wireless
Fresh 'n Rebel Caps Wireless
Fresh 'n Rebel Clam
Fresh 'n Rebel Clam ANC
Fresh 'n Rebel Flow Wireless
Fresh 'n Rebel Rockbox Bold L
Fresh 'n Rebel Rockbox Bold M
Fresh 'n Rebel Rockbox Bold S
Fresh 'n Rebel Rockbox Bold X
Fresh 'n Rebel Rockbox Bold XS
Fuji FinePix A610
Fuji FinePix S1
Fuji FinePix XP120
Fuji FinePix XP130
Fuji FinePix XP140
Fuji FinePix XP70
Fuji FinePix XP80
Fuji Fujifilm GFX 50S
Fuji FujiFilm Instax SQ20
Fuji Fujifilm Instax Square SQ 10
Fuji FujiFilm X-A5
Fuji FujiFilm X-E3
Fuji FujiFilm X-H1
Fuji FujiFilm X-T100
Fuji Fujifilm XF10
Fuji X-A1
Fuji X-A10
Fuji X-A2
Fuji X-A3
Fuji X-E2
Fuji X-E2S
Fuji X-M1
Fuji X-Pro2
Fuji X-T1
Fuji X-T10
Fuji X-T2
Fuji X-T20
Fuji X100F
Fuji X100T
Fuji X30
Fuji X70
Fuji XP90
Fuji XQ1
Fuji XQ2
FujiFilm instax Mini EVO
FujiFilm Instax Share SP-2
FujiFilm Instax Share SP-3
Gamory Wireless Controller
GAOMON M10K (2018)
Garmin - Asus nüvifone A10
Garmin - Asus nüvifone M10
Garmin Alpha 10 K
Garmin Alpha 200i K
Garmin Approach G30
Garmin Approach G8
Garmin Approach G80
Garmin Approach Z82
Garmin Camper 1090
Garmin Camper 760
Garmin Camper 760LM
Garmin Camper 760LMT-D
Garmin Camper 785
Garmin Camper 785 LMT-D
Garmin Camper 890
Garmin Catalyst
Garmin Dash Cam 45
Garmin Dash Cam 46
Garmin Dash Cam 55
Garmin Dash Cam 56
Garmin Dash Cam 65
Garmin Dash Cam 66W
Garmin Dash Cam Mini
Garmin Dash Cam Tandem
Garmin DashCam 45
Garmin DashCam 57
Garmin DashCam 67W
Garmin DashCam Mini 2
Garmin DashCam Tandem
Garmin dezl 560LT
Garmin Dezl 760
Garmin Dezl 770LMT-D
Garmin dezl LGV1000
Garmin DezlCam LMT-D
Garmin DriveLuxe 50LMT-D
Garmin DriveLuxe 51 LMT-S
Garmin Edge 1000
Garmin Edge 1030
Garmin Edge 1030 Plus
Garmin Edge 130
Garmin Edge 130 Plus
Garmin Edge 520
Garmin Edge 520 Plus
Garmin Edge 530
Garmin Edge 820
Garmin Edge 830
Garmin Edge Explore
Garmin Edge Explore 1000
Garmin Edge Explore 820
Garmin Fleet 660
Garmin Fleet 670
Garmin Fleet 770
Garmin Foretrex 701 Ballistic Edition
Garmin GPS Mobile 10
Garmin GPSMAP 79s
Garmin GPSMAP 86i
Garmin GPSMAP 86s
Garmin inReach Explorer Plus
Garmin inReach Mini
Garmin inReach SE
Garmin inReach SE Plus
Garmin Montana 700
Garmin Montana 700i
Garmin Montana 750
Garmin nüLink! 1695
Garmin nüLink! 2340 CE
Garmin nüLink! 2390
Garmin nüvi 2240
Garmin nüvi 2240LT
Garmin nüvi 2340LMT
Garmin nüvi 2340LT
Garmin nüvi 2350LT
Garmin nüvi 2360LT
Garmin nüvi 2370LT
Garmin nüvi 2460LMT
Garmin Nüvi 2797LMT
Garmin Nüvi 2798 LMT-D
Garmin Nüvi 2799 LMT-D
Garmin nüvi 3490LMT
Garmin nüvi 3590LMT
Garmin Nüvi 3700
Garmin nüvi 3760
Garmin nüvi 3760T
Garmin nüvi 3790
Garmin nüvi 3790LMT
Garmin nüvi 3790T
Garmin Nüvi 790LMT
Garmin NüviCam LMT-D
Garmin Overlander
Garmin RV 702
Garmin Varia HL501
Garmin Varia RTL511
Garmin Varia RTL516
Garmin Varia RVR315
Garmin Varia TL301
Garmin Varia UT800
Garmin Varia UT800 Lamp
Garmin Virb 360
Garmin Zumo 590LM
Garmin Zumo 595LM
GEEKLIN Wireless Controller
General Imaging C1440W
General Imaging C1640W
General Imaging X2600
General Imaging X400
General Imaging X450
General Imaging X550
General Imaging X600
Geneva Touring S Plus
Gigaset GL390
Gigaset GS100
Gigaset GS160
Gigaset GS170
Gigaset GS180
Gigaset GS185
Gigaset GS270
Gigaset GS270 Plus
Gigaset GS290
Gigaset GS3
Gigaset GS370
Gigaset GS370 Plus
Gigaset GS4
Gigaset GS5
Gigaset GX290
Gigaset QV1030
Gigaset QV830
Gigaset Sloan L
GL.iNet GL-MT300N-V2
GlocalMe G3
GlocalMe U2
Golf Buddy Voice 2
Gome C7
Gome C7 Note
Gome Fenmmy Note
Gome S1
Gome S7
Google Galaxy Nexus
Google Nexus 10
Google Nexus 4 (LG E960)
Google Nexus 5
Google Nexus 6
Google Nexus 7
Google Nexus 7 (2013)
Google Nexus 9
Google Nexus One
Google Nexus S
Google Pixel 3
Google Pixel 3 XL
Google Pixel 4
Google Pixel 4 XL
Google Pixel 4A 5G
Google Pixel 5
Google Pixel 6
Google Pixel 6 Pro
Google Pixel 7
Google Pixel 7 Pro
GoPro 601-10197-00
GoPro AABAT-001
GoPro AABAT-001-AS
GoPro CHDHX-501
GoPro Hero 4 Session
GoPro Hero 5
GoPro Hero 5 Black
GoPro Hero 6 Black
GoPro Hero 7 Black
GoPro Hero 7 Silver
GoPro Hero 7 White
GoPro Hero 8 Black
GoPro Hero Plus
GoPro Hero plus LCD
Gretel A6
Gretel A7
Gretel A9
Gretel GT6000
Gretel S55
Grundig Bluebeat GSB 110
Grundig Bluebeat GSD 300
Grundig GBT Jam
Grundig GBT Solo
Grundig GSB 150
Grundig GSB 200
Grundig GSB 710
Grundig GSB 720
Hafury Mix
Hafury UMax
Hagenuk fono c250
Hagenuk fono c800
Haier E-ZY Smartphone A6
Haier Phone G31
Haier Phone L50
Haier Phone L52
Haier Phone L53
Haier Phone L56
Haier Phone Voyage G30
Haier Phone Voyage V3
Haier Phone Voyage V5
Haier Phone W716S
Haier Phone W716S
Haier Phone W717
Haier Phone W858
Haier Phone W858 Black 4 GB
Haier Phone W858 White 8 GB
Haier Phone W861
Haier Phone W867
Haier Phone W867
Haier Voyage V4
Haier Voyage V6
Hama PDR20
HawkEye Firefly 7S 4K Wifi Sport Action Camera
HiFi Walker H2-16Gb
HiFi Walker M7-8Gb
HiFi Walker M7s-8Gb
Hisense HS-G610M
Hisense HS-U602
Hisense HS-U606AE
Hisense HS-U610
Hisense HS-U800
Hisense HS-U970E-8
Hisense HS-U971AE
Hisense HS-U972
Hisense HS-U980BE-2
Hisense HS-U988
Hisense Sero 5
Hommie J2T 8Gb
Hommie J5M 16Gb
Honor 10 Lite
Honor 10X Lite
Honor 20 Lite
Honor 9A
Honor 9X Lite
HP 7 Plus Tablet
HP 7 Plus Tablet 1300 (13yyxx)
HP 8 1401 Tablet
HP Elite X3
HP iPAQ Data Messenger
HP iPAQ Voice Messenger
HP Pro 610 G1
HP Pro Slate 10 (EE G1)
HP Pro Slate 12
HP Pro Slate 8
HP Pro Tablet 10 (EE G1)
HP Pro Tablet 408 G1
HP Silver
HP Slate 10 HD
HP Slate 10 HD 3500 (35yyxx)
HP Slate 10 HD 3600 (36yyxx)
HP Slate 10 Plus
HP Slate 10 Plus 3700 (37yyxx)
HP Slate 6 VoiceTab
HP Slate 6 VoiceTab 6000 (60yyxx)
HP Slate 6 VoiceTab II
HP Slate 7
HP Slate 7 2800
HP Slate 7 2800s
HP Slate 7 2801
HP Slate 7 2801s
HP Slate 7 Extreme
HP Slate 7 Extreme 4450 (445yxx)
HP Slate 7 HD
HP Slate 7 HD 3400 (34yyxx)
HP Slate 7 Plus
HP Slate 7 Plus 4200 (42yyxx)
HP Slate 7 VoiceTab
HP Slate 7 VoiceTab 6100 (61yyxx)
HP Slate 8 Plus
HP Slate 8 Pro
HP Slate 8 Pro 7600 (76yyxx)
HP Stream 7
HP Stream 8
HP TouchPad
HTC 10 Lifestyle
HTC 5800
HTC 7 Mozart
HTC 7 Pro
HTC 7 Trophy
HTC Bravo
HTC Breeze
HTC Butterfly
HTC Butterfly 2
HTC Butterfly 3
HTC Butterfly S
HTC Buzz
HTC ChaCha
HTC Desire
HTC Desire 10 Lifestyle
HTC Desire 10 Pro
HTC Desire 12
HTC Desire 12 Plus
HTC Desire 300
HTC Desire 310
HTC Desire 320
HTC Desire 500
HTC Desire 510
HTC Desire 516
HTC Desire 526G
HTC Desire 526G Dual Sim
HTC Desire 530
HTC Desire 610
HTC Desire 620
HTC Desire 620G Dual Sim
HTC Desire 626
HTC Desire 626G
HTC Desire 626G Dual SIM
HTC Desire 628G
HTC Desire 630
HTC Desire 650
HTC Desire 728G Dual SIM
HTC Desire 816
HTC Desire 816 Dual Sim
HTC Desire 820
HTC Desire 825
HTC Desire C
HTC Desire Eye
HTC Desire HD
HTC Desire S
HTC Desire US
HTC Desire X
HTC Desire Z
HTC Diamond
HTC Dragon
HTC Droid Eris
HTC Eris
HTC Exodus 1s
HTC Explorer
HTC Flyer
HTC Gratia
HTC Incredible S
HTC Legend
HTC Leo 100
HTC Nexus 9
HTC Nexus One
HTC One A9
HTC One A9s
HTC One E8
HTC One E9
HTC One E9 Plus
HTC One M8
HTC One M8 Dual Sim
HTC One M8 Eye
HTC One M8 Mini
HTC One M8s
HTC One M9
HTC One M9 Plus
HTC One M9 Plus Supreme Camera Edition
HTC One M9 Prime Camera Edition
HTC One M9s
HTC One Max
HTC One mini
HTC One mini 2
HTC One S9
HTC One X plus
HTC Passion
HTC Radar
HTC Rhyme
HTC Salsa
HTC Sensation
HTC Sensation XE
HTC Sensation XL
HTC Thunderbolt
HTC Velocity 4G
HTC Vision
HTC Vive Controller VR
HTC Vive Cosmos Elite
HTC Wildfire
HTC Wildfire S
HTC Windows Phone 8S
HTC Windows Phone 8X
Huawei Ascend D1 Quad
Huawei Ascend D1 Quad XL
Huawei Ascend G300
Huawei Ascend G330
Huawei Ascend G510
Huawei Ascend G525
Huawei Ascend G6
Huawei Ascend G600
Huawei Ascend G610
Huawei Ascend G615 (Honor 2)
Huawei Ascend G620s
Huawei Ascend G630
Huawei Ascend G7
Huawei Ascend G700
Huawei Ascend G730
Huawei Ascend G740
Huawei Ascend G750
Huawei Ascend Mate 2
Huawei Ascend Mate 7
Huawei Ascend P1
Huawei Ascend P1s
Huawei Ascend P2
Huawei Ascend P6 (D2-0082)
Huawei Ascend P7
Huawei Ascend P7 mini
Huawei Ascend W1
Huawei Ascend W2
Huawei Ascend X U9000
Huawei Ascend Y200
Huawei Ascend Y201 Pro
Huawei Ascend Y210
Huawei Ascend Y300
Huawei Ascend Y330
Huawei Ascend Y360
Huawei Ascend Y530
Huawei Ascend Y550
Huawei E5330
Huawei E5573CS
Huawei E5573CS-322
Huawei E5576-320
Huawei E5577CS-321
Huawei E5776
Huawei E5783B-230
Huawei E5785
Huawei E5785-92C
Huawei E5785-S
Huawei E5885
Huawei E5885LS-93a
Huawei G Play mini
Huawei G6150
Huawei G6608
Huawei G6620
Huawei G7210
Huawei G8 mini
Huawei GR3
Huawei GR5
Huawei GX1
Huawei GX8
Huawei Honor 10 Lite
Huawei Honor 20 Lite
Huawei Honor 3C
Huawei Honor 3X
Huawei Honor 3X Pro
Huawei Honor 4C
Huawei Honor 4X
Huawei Honor 5C
Huawei Honor 5X
Huawei Honor 6
Huawei Honor 6 Plus
Huawei Honor 6C Pro
Huawei Honor 6X
Huawei Honor 7
Huawei Honor 7 Lite
Huawei Honor 7 Premium
Huawei Honor 7A
Huawei Honor 7C
Huawei Honor 7S
Huawei Honor 7X
Huawei Honor 8A
Huawei Honor 8s
Huawei Honor 8X
Huawei Honor 8x Max
Huawei Honor 9 Lite
Huawei Honor Holly
Huawei Honor Play 8A 
Huawei Ideos S7 (S7-1xx)
Huawei Ideos S7 Slim (S7-2xx)
Huawei Ideos S7-101
Huawei Ideos S7-103
Huawei Ideos S7-104
Huawei Ideos S7-105
Huawei Ideos S7-106
Huawei Ideos S7-201U
Huawei Ideos S7-201W
Huawei IDEOS with Google
Huawei Mate (MT1-U06)
Huawei Mate 10 Lite
Huawei Mate 20 Pro
Huawei Mate 20 RS
Huawei Mate 20 RS Porsche Design
Huawei Mate 30
Huawei Mate 30 Pro
Huawei Mate 40 Pro
Huawei Mate 50
Huawei Mate 50 Pro
Huawei Mate 50 RS
Huawei Mate 8
Huawei Mate RS Porsche Design
Huawei Mate S
Huawei MatePad T8 (KOB2-W09)
Huawei MediaPad 10 FHD
Huawei MediaPad 10 FHD (S10-1xx)
Huawei MediaPad 10 FHD UMTS
Huawei MediaPad 10 Link (S10-2xx)
Huawei MediaPad 10 Link Plus (S10-2xx)
Huawei MediaPad 7 (S7-3xx)
Huawei MediaPad 7 Lite (S7-9xx)
Huawei MediaPad 7 Vogue (S7-6xx)
Huawei MediaPad 7 Youth (S7-7xx)
Huawei MediaPad 7 Youth 2 (S7-7xx)
Huawei MediaPad M1 8.0 (S8-3xx)
Huawei MediaPad M2 10.0
Huawei MediaPad M2 10.0 (M2-A01L / M2-A01W)
Huawei MediaPad M2 10.0 LTE (M2-A01L)
Huawei MediaPad M2 10.0 Premium LTE (M2-A01L)
Huawei MediaPad M2 10.0 WiFi (M2-A01W)
Huawei MediaPad M2 10.1 Premium
Huawei MediaPad M2 10.1 Standard
Huawei MediaPad M2 8.0
Huawei MediaPad M2 8.0 (M2-802W)
Huawei MediaPad M2 8.0 Premium LTE (M2-801L)
Huawei MediaPad M2 8.0 Premium WiFi (M2-801W)
Huawei MediaPad M2 8.0 Standard LTE (M2-802L)
Huawei MediaPad M2 8.0 Standard WiFi (M2-802W)
Huawei MediaPad M3 lite 10 LTE (BAH-L09)
Huawei MediaPad M3 lite 10 WiFi (BAH-W09)
Huawei MediaPad M3 lite 8.0 LTE (CPN-L09)
Huawei MediaPad M3 lite 8.0 WiFi (CPN-W09)
Huawei MediaPad M3 LTE (BTV-DL09)
Huawei MediaPad M3 WiFi (BTV-W09)
Huawei MediaPad M3 Youth 8.0 (CPN-AL00)
Huawei MediaPad S10-101L
Huawei MediaPad S10-101u
Huawei MediaPad S10-101w
Huawei MediaPad S10-201L
Huawei MediaPad S10-201u
Huawei MediaPad S10-202u
Huawei MediaPad S10-231L
Huawei MediaPad S10-231u
Huawei MediaPad S10-231w
Huawei MediaPad S7-301u
Huawei MediaPad S7-301w
Huawei MediaPad S7-302u
Huawei MediaPad S7-303u
Huawei MediaPad S7-601u
Huawei MediaPad S7-602u
Huawei MediaPad S7-701u
Huawei MediaPad S7-701w
Huawei MediaPad S7-701wa
Huawei MediaPad S7-702u
Huawei MediaPad S7-721u
Huawei MediaPad S7-931u
Huawei MediaPad S7-931w
Huawei MediaPad S7-932u
Huawei MediaPad S7-933u
Huawei MediaPad S8-301L
Huawei MediaPad S8-301u
Huawei MediaPad S8-302L
Huawei MediaPad T1 10
Huawei MediaPad T1 10" LTE (T1-A22L)
Huawei MediaPad T1 10" Pro LTE (T1-A21L)
Huawei MediaPad T1 7.0
Huawei MediaPad T1 8.0
Huawei MediaPad T2 10.0 Pro
Huawei MediaPad T2 10.0 Pro LTE (FDR-A01L)
Huawei MediaPad T2 10.0 Pro WiFi (FDR-A01W)
Huawei MediaPad T2 7.0 LTE (BGO-L03)
Huawei MediaPad T2 7.0 Pro LTE (PLE-701L)
Huawei MediaPad T3 10 LTE (AGS-L09)
Huawei MediaPad T3 10 WiFi (AGS-W09)
Huawei MediaPad T3 7.0 3G (BG2-U01)
Huawei MediaPad T3 7.0 WiFi (BG2-W09)
Huawei MediaPad T3 8.0 LTE (KOB-L09)
Huawei MediaPad T3 8.0 WiFi (KOB-W09)
Huawei MediaPad T5 10 LTE
Huawei MediaPad T5 10 WiFi
Huawei MediaPad X1 7.0 (7D-5xx)
Huawei MediaPad X1 7D-501L
Huawei MediaPad X1 7D-501u
Huawei MediaPad X1 7D-502L
Huawei MediaPad X1 7D-503L
Huawei MediaPad X1 7D-504L (Honor X1)
Huawei MediaPad X2
Huawei Mobile WiFi 2 Pro
Huawei Nova 2 Lite
Huawei P Smart
Huawei P Smart (2019)
Huawei P Smart (2020)
Huawei P Smart 2
Huawei P Smart 2019
Huawei P Smart Plus
Huawei P10 Lite
Huawei P30 Pro
Huawei P30 Pro (New Edition)
Huawei P40 Pro
Huawei P40 Pro Plus
Huawei P8
Huawei P8 Lite
Huawei P8 Lite (2017)
Huawei P8 Max
Huawei P9 Lite
Huawei ShotX (Honor 7i)
Huawei U8100
Huawei U8110
Huawei U8150 IDEOS
Huawei U8180 IDEOS X1
Huawei U8230
Huawei U8350 Boulder
Huawei U8500
Huawei U8510 IDEOS X3
Huawei U8600
Huawei U8650 Sonic
Huawei U8655 Y200
Huawei U8800 IDEOS X5
Huawei U8850 Vision
Huawei U8860 Honor
Huawei U9000 IDEOS X6
Huawei Y3
Huawei Y3 II / Y3 2
Huawei Y5
Huawei Y5 (2018)
Huawei Y5 (2019)
Huawei Y5 II / Y5 2
Huawei Y5P
Huawei Y6
Huawei Y6 (2018)
Huawei Y6 II / Y6 2 Compact
Huawei Y6 Pro (2017)
Huawei Y6 Pro (2019)
Huawei Y625
Huawei Y635
Huawei Y6P
Huawei Y6s
Huawei Y7 (2018)
Huawei Y7 (2019)
Huawei Y7 Dual SIM
Huawei Y7 Pro
HUION New 1060 Plus
IceFox Hero
IceFox I8
IceFox Storm
IceFox Thunder
Iconbit Mercury LX
Iconbit NetTAB Mercury Q7
Iconbit NetTAB Mercury X
Imperial Dabman 13
Imperial DABMAN 2
Infinix Alpha 8 (X550)
Infinix Alpha Marvel (X502)
Infinix Buzz (X260)
Infinix Diamond (X402)
Infinix Hot
Infinix Hot 10
Infinix Hot 10 Lite
Infinix Hot 2
Infinix Hot 2 PK
Infinix Hot 4
Infinix Hot 4 Pro
Infinix Hot 5
Infinix Hot 5 Lite
Infinix Hot 6
Infinix Hot 6 Pro
Infinix Hot 6X
Infinix Hot 7
Infinix Hot 7 Pro
Infinix Hot 8
Infinix Hot 8 Lite
Infinix Hot 9
Infinix Hot 9 Play
Infinix Hot Note
Infinix Hot S
Infinix Hot S3
Infinix Note 2
Infinix Note 2 LTE
Infinix Note 3
Infinix Note 3 Pro
Infinix Note 4
Infinix Note 4 Pro
Infinix Note 5
Infinix Note 5 Stylus
Infinix Note 6
Infinix Note 7
Infinix Note 7 Lite
Infinix Race (X400)
Infinix Race Bolt (X450)
Infinix Race Bolt Q (X451)
Infinix Race Jet (X501)
Infinix Race Lite (X401)
Infinix Race Max Q (X530)
Infinix S2 Pro
Infinix S3X
Infinix S4
Infinix S5
Infinix S5 lite
Infinix S5 Pro
Infinix Smart
Infinix Smart 2
Infinix Smart 2 HD
Infinix Smart 2 Pro
Infinix Smart 3 Plus
Infinix Smart 4
Infinix Smart 4c
Infinix Smart HD (2020)
Infinix Surf Bravo (X503)
Infinix Surf Smart 2 (X352)
Infinix Surf Smart 3G (X351)
Infinix Surf Spice (X403)
Infinix Surf Viva (X405)
Infinix XUI
Infinix Zero
Infinix Zero 2
Infinix Zero 2 LTE
Infinix Zero 3
Infinix Zero 4
Infinix Zero 4 Plus
Infinix Zero 5
Infinix Zero 5 Pro
Infinix Zero 6
Ingenico iCMP
Inno Tech K2 16Gb
Insta360 One
Insta360 One X
Intenso Tab 1004
Intenso Tab 1024
Intenso Tab 704
Intenso Tab 714
Intenso Tab 724
Intenso Tab 734
Intenso Tab 744
Intenso Tab 804
Intenso Tab 814
Intenso Tab 814S
Intenso Tab 824
Itel A11
Itel A14
Itel A14 Max
Itel A14 Plus
Itel A15
Itel A16
Itel A16 Plus
Itel A32F
Itel A33
Itel A35
Itel A36
Itel A37
Itel A55
Itel A56
Itel A56 Pro
Itel It2150
Itel It2163
Itel It2180
Itel It508
Itel It5081
Itel It5231
Itel It5606
Itel It5613
Itel It5615
Itel It5625
Itel It6320
Itel It6530
Itel P12
Itel P13
Itel P15
Itel P32
Itel P33
Itel P33 Plus
Itel P36
Itel P36 Pro Lte
Itel P37
Itel P37 Pro
Itel P51
Itel Prime4
Itel S12
Itel S13
Itel S15
Itel S15 Pro
Itel S16
Itel S16 Pro
Itel S17
Itel S32
Itel S32 LTE
Itel S33
Itel Vision1 Pro
Itel Vision2
iTracker mini0906
iTracker mini0906-S
iTracker Stealthcam II
Jabra Elite 65t
Jabra Elite Active 65t
Jabra Elite sport
Jabra Evolve 65t
Jabra Talk 15
Jabra Talk 25
Jabra Talk 35
Jabra Talk 45
Jabra Talk 5
Jabra Talk 55
JAMSWALL Controller
JBL Charge 1
JBL Charge 2
JBL Charge 2 plus
JBL Charge 3
JBL Charge 3 (2015)
JBL Charge 3 (2016)
JBL Charge 3 Special Edition
JBL Charge 3 Stealth Edition
JBL Charge Essential
JBL Charge Plus
JBL Clip 1
JBL Clip 2
JBL Clip 2 Special Edition
JBL Clip 3
JBL Clip Plus
JBL E55BT Quincy Edition
JBL Endurance DIVE
JBL Endurance JUMP
JBL Endurance Peak
JBL Endurance RUNBT
JBL Endurance SPRINT
JBL Everest 110GA
JBL Everest 300
JBL Everest 700
JBL Everest 710GA
JBL Everest ELITE 150NC
JBL Everest ELITE 750NC
JBL Flip 2
JBL Flip 3
JBL Flip 3 Stealth Edition
JBL Flip 4
JBL Flip 4 Special Edition
JBL Flip Essential
JBL Free X
JBL Go 2
JBL Go Plus
JBL Link 10
JBL Link 20
JBL Live 200BT
JBL Live 220BT
JBL Live 400BT
JBL Live 500BT
JBL Live 650BTNC
JBL Micro 2
JBL Micro II
JBL Pulse 1
JBL Pulse 2
JBL Pulse 3
JBL Reflect Contour
JBL Reflect Contour 2
JBL Reflect Flow
JBL reflect mini
JBL Reflect Mini 2
JBL Soundgear BTA
JBL Synchros E50BT
JBL Synchros S400BT
JBL Trip
JBL Tune 110BT
JBL Tune 120TWS
JBL Tune 160BT
JBL Tune 205BT
JBL Tune 210
JBL Tune 290
JBL Tune 500BT
JBL Tuner
JBL UA Sport Wireless PIVOT
JBL UA Sport Wireless REACT
JBL UA Sport Wireless Train
JBL Under Armour True Wireless Flash
JBL Wind
Jelly Comb B047
JL FUTURE Wireless Controller
JLAB JBuds Air Sport
JLAB Rewind
JOYSKY Wireless Controller
Kazam Life B1
Kazam Life B2
Kazam Life B4
Kazam Thunder 340W
Kazam Thunder 345
Kazam Thunder 345L
Kazam Thunder 347
Kazam Thunder 350L
Kazam Thunder Q4.5
Kazam Thunder2 4.5L
Kazam Thunder2 5.0
Kazam Tornado 348
Kazam Tornado 350
Kazam Tornado 455L
Kazam Tornado 552L
Kazam Tornado2 5.0
Kazam Trooper X3.5
Kazam Trooper X4.0
Kazam Trooper X4.5
Kazam Trooper X5.0
Kazam Trooper X5.5
Kazam Trooper2 4.0
Kazam Trooper2 4.5
Kazam Trooper2 5.0
Kazam Trooper2 6.0
KenxinDa R7
KenxinDa R7s
KenxinDa S8
KenxinDa S9
KenxinDa V5
KenxinDa V6
KenxinDa V7
KenxinDa V8
KenxinDa X6
KenxinDa X9
Kiztoys Handheld Spielkonsole 3"
Kodak Easyshare C123
Kodak Easyshare C142
Kodak Easyshare C143
Kodak Easyshare C1450
Kodak Easyshare C1505
Kodak Easyshare C1530
Kodak Easyshare C1550
Kodak Easyshare C183
Kodak Easyshare C195
Kodak Easyshare C443
Kodak Easyshare M125
Kodak Easyshare M215
Kodak Easyshare M23
Kodak Easyshare M522
Kodak Easyshare M530
Kodak Easyshare M531
Kodak Easyshare M532
Kodak Easyshare M5350
Kodak EasyShare M5370
Kodak Easyshare M550
Kodak Easyshare M552
Kodak Easyshare M565
Kodak Easyshare M575
Kodak Easyshare M580
Kodak Easyshare M583
Kodak Easyshare M590
Kodak Easyshare max Z990
Kodak Easyshare Mini
Kodak Easyshare SPORT C123
Kodak Easyshare SPORT C135
Kodak Easyshare Touch M5370
Kodak Easyshare Touch M577
Kodak Easyshare Z5010
Kodak Easyshare Z5120
Kodak IM5
Kodak PIXPRO AZ251
Kodak PixPro AZ252
Kodak PIXPRO AZ361
Kodak PIXPRO AZ362
Kodak PixPro AZ401
Kodak PIXPRO AZ421
Kodak PIXPRO AZ422
Kodak PIXPRO AZ521
Kodak PixPro AZ527
Kodak PixPro AZ528
Kodak PixPro AZ651
Kodak PixPro AZ651 Astro Zoom
Kodak PixPro AZ652
Kodak PixPro AZ901
Kodak PIXPRO FZ151
Kodak PixPro FZ152
Kodak PixPro FZ41
Kodak PixPro FZ53
Kodak PixPro Orbit360 4K
Kodak Pixpro S-1
Kodak PixPro S1
Kodak PIXPRO SP360
Kodak PixPro SP360 4K
Kodak PixPro WP1
Kodak PlaySport Zx3
Kodak PlaySport Zx5
Kodak PlayTouch Zi10
Kodak SLICE Touchscreen
Kodak ZxD
Kyocera Duraforce Pro
Kyocera Duraforce XD
Kyocera Torque KC-S701
Leagoo Elite 1
Leagoo Elite 4
Leagoo Elite 5
Leagoo Elite Y
Leagoo KIICAA Power
Leagoo M11
Leagoo M12
Leagoo M13
Leagoo M5
Leagoo M5 Edge
Leagoo M5 Plus
Leagoo M7
Leagoo M8
Leagoo M8 Pro
Leagoo M9
Leagoo M9 Pro
Leagoo P1
Leagoo Power 2
Leagoo Power 2 Pro
Leagoo Power 5
Leagoo S10
Leagoo Shark 1
Leagoo Shark 5000
Leagoo T1
Leagoo T1 Plus
Leagoo T10
Leagoo T5
Leagoo T5 THFC
Leagoo T5c
Leagoo T8s
Leagoo Venture 1
Leagoo Z1c
Leagoo Z3c
Leagoo Z5
Leagoo Z5c
Leagoo Z6
Leagoo Z7
Leica C-Lux Type 1546
Leica D-LUX 7
Leica Q (Typ 116)
Leica SL Typ 601
Leica TL
Lenco BT-120
Lenco BT-130
Lenco BT-160
Lenco BT-180
Lenco BT-190
Lenco BT-191
Lenco BT-200
Lenco BT-210
Lenco BT-300
Lenco BTS-110
Lenco PDR 04
Lenco PDR-050
Lenco SPR-070
Lenco SPR-100
Lenovo A Plus
Lenovo A10-30
Lenovo A10-70 A7600-H
Lenovo A10-70 WiFi A7600-F
Lenovo A3500
Lenovo A3500-FL
Lenovo A3500-HV
Lenovo A5500
Lenovo A5500-F
Lenovo A5500-H
Lenovo A5500-HV
Lenovo A7-10
Lenovo A7-30 A3300-GV
Lenovo A7-30 WiFi A3300
Lenovo A7-50 A3500-H
Lenovo A7-50 WiFi A3500-F
Lenovo A7000
Lenovo A7600
Lenovo A7600-F
Lenovo A7600-H
Lenovo A8-50 Tablet
Lenovo B
Lenovo C2
Lenovo IdeaPad Miix 10 (20284)
Lenovo IdeaPad Miix 2-10 (20359)
Lenovo IdeaPad Miix 2-11
Lenovo IdeaPad Miix 2-8 (20326)
Lenovo IdeaPad Miix 3-10
Lenovo IdeaPad Miix 3-8
Lenovo Ideapad Miix 300-10
Lenovo IdeaPad Tablet A1
Lenovo IdeaPad Tablet A1-07
Lenovo IdeaTab A1000
Lenovo IdeaTab A1000-F (60027)
Lenovo IdeaTab A1000-T (60028)
Lenovo IdeaTab A1000L
Lenovo IdeaTab A1000L-F (60041)
Lenovo IdeaTab A2107
Lenovo IdeaTab A2107A
Lenovo IdeaTab A2107A-F
Lenovo IdeaTab A2107A-H
Lenovo IdeaTab A2109A
Lenovo IdeaTab A2109A-F (2290)
Lenovo IdeaTab A2109A-F (60016)
Lenovo IdeaTab A3000
Lenovo IdeaTab A3000-F (60029)
Lenovo IdeaTab A3000-H (60030)
Lenovo IdeaTab S2109A
Lenovo IdeaTab S2109A-F (2291)
Lenovo IdeaTab S2109A-F (60019)
Lenovo IdeaTab S2110
Lenovo IdeaTab S2110A (2258)
Lenovo IdeaTab S2110A-F (60012)
Lenovo IdeaTab S5000
Lenovo IdeaTab S5000-F (60039)
Lenovo IdeaTab S5000-H (59388687)
Lenovo IdeaTab S6000
Lenovo IdeaTab S6000-F (60031)
Lenovo IdeaTab S6000-H (60032)
Lenovo IdeaTab S6000L
Lenovo IdeaTab S6000L-F (60049)
Lenovo K5
Lenovo K6
Lenovo K6 Note
Lenovo K6 Power
Lenovo LePhone
Lenovo Moto G4
Lenovo Moto G4 Play
Lenovo Moto G4 Plus
Lenovo Moto G5
Lenovo Moto G5 Plus
Lenovo P2 (P2a42)
Lenovo Smart Tab M8 TB-8505FS
Lenovo Tab 2 A10-70 LTE A10-70L
Lenovo Tab 2 A10-70 WiFi A10-70F
Lenovo Tab 2 A7-10 WiFi A7-10F
Lenovo Tab 2 A7-20 WiFi A7-20F
Lenovo Tab 2 A7-30 A7-30D
Lenovo Tab 2 A7-30 WiFi A7-30F
Lenovo Tab 2 A8 WiFi A8-50F
Lenovo Tab E10 TB-X104F
Lenovo Tab E7 TB-7104F
Lenovo Tab E8 TB-8304F
Lenovo Tab M10 HD TB-X505F, TB-X505L, TB-X505X
Lenovo Tab M7 TB-7305F
Lenovo Tab M8 TB-8505F
Lenovo Tab10 TB-X103F
Lenovo Tab3 10 Business LTE TB3-X70L
Lenovo Tab3 10 Business LTE TB3-X70N
Lenovo Tab3 10 Business WiFi TB3-X70F
Lenovo Tab3 7 LTE TB3-730M
Lenovo Tab3 7 LTE TB3-730X
Lenovo Tab3 7 WiFi TB3-710F
Lenovo Tab3 8 LTE TB3-850M
Lenovo Tab4 10 TB-X304F
Lenovo Tab4 10 TB-X304L
Lenovo Tab4 10 TB-X304N
Lenovo Tab4 8 LTE TB-8504X
Lenovo Tab4 8 TB-8504F
Lenovo Tab4 8 TB-8504N
Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet (1838)
Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet (1839)
Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 10 1st Gen (2014)
Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 8
Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 8 (20BN)
Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 8 (20BQ)
Lenovo Vibe P1
Lenovo Vibe Z2
Lenovo Vibe Z2 Pro
Lenovo Yoga Book YB1-X90F
Lenovo Yoga Book YB1-X90L
Lenovo Yoga Book YB1-X91F
Lenovo Yoga Book YB1-X91L
Lenovo YOGA Tab 3 10 LTE
Lenovo YOGA Tab 3 10 WiFi
Lenovo YOGA Tab 3 8 LTE YT3-850L
Lenovo YOGA Tab 3 8 WiFi YT3-850F
Lenovo YOGA Tab 3 Pro LTE YT3-X90L
Lenovo YOGA Tab 3 Pro LTE YT3-X90X
Lenovo YOGA Tab 3 Pro Z8550 YT3-X90F
Lenovo Yoga Tab 3-10
Lenovo Yoga Tab 3-8
Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10 B8000
Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10 B8000-F (60046)
Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10 B8000-H (60047)
Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10 HD Plus B8080
Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10 HD Plus B8080-F
Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10 HD Plus B8080-H
Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10 HD Plus B8080-HV
Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2-10
Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2-8
Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2-Pro
Lenovo Yoga Tablet 8 B6000
Lenovo Yoga Tablet 8 B6000-F (60043)
Lenovo Yoga Tablet 8 B6000-H (60044)
Lenovo Yoga Tablet 8 B6000-HV (60045)
Lezyne Super GPS
LG A110
LG A133
LG A170
LG Bello 2 X150
LG BL20 New Chocolate
LG BL40 New Chocolate
LG C300 Town
LG C320 Town
LG C660 Optimus Pro
LG Class
LG D160 (L40)
LG D213n (L50 Sporty)
LG D320n (L70)
LG D325 (L70 Dual)
LG D331 L Bello
LG D405 (L90)
LG D605 Optimus L9 II
LG D620 (G2 Mini)
LG D686 (G Pro Lite Dual)
LG D690 G3 Stylus
LG D821 Nexus 5
LG D955 (G Flex)
LG E400 Optimus L3
LG E410i Optimus L1 II
LG E430 Optimus L3 II
LG E435 Optimus L3 II Dual
LG E440 Optimus L4 II
LG E455 Optimus L5 II Dual
LG E460 Optimus L5 II
LG E510 Optimus Hub
LG E610 Optimus L5
LG E720 Optimus Chic
LG E730 Optimus Sol
LG E900 Optimus 7
LG E940 Optimus G Pro
LG E960 Nexus 4
LG E975 Optimus G
LG E977 Optimus G Pro
LG E980 Optimus G Pro
LG E986 Optimus G Pro
LG G Flex 2
LG G Watch R
LG G2 (D802)
LG G3s
LG G4 c
LG G4 s
LG G4 Stylus (H635)
LG G6 Plus
LG G7 Plus ThinQ
LG G7 ThinQ
LG G8 ThinQ
LG G8s ThinQ
LG G8X ThinQ
LG GD510 Pop
LG GD550
LG GD880 Mini
LG GD900 Crystal
LG GM360 Viewty Snap
LG GM730
LG GM750 Layla
LG GS101
LG GS105
LG GS290 Cookie Fresh
LG GS500 Cookie Plus
LG GT350
LG GT400
LG GT405
LG GT500 Puccini
LG GT505 Pathfinder
LG GT540
LG GU200
LG GU230
LG GU280
LG GW300
LG GW520
LG GW620 Android
LG GW620 Etna
LG GW990
LG Joy
LG K10
LG K10 (2017)
LG K10 (2018)
LG K10 Plus (2018)
LG K11 2018
LG K11 Plus 2018
LG K20
LG K22
LG K3 (2016)
LG K3 (2017)
LG K4 (2017)
LG K40
LG K40s
LG K50
LG K50s
LG K8 (2017)
LG K8 (2018)
LG KF757 Secret
LG KM570 Arena II
LG KS360 Etna
LG KT770
LG L Fino
LG L35
LG L65
LG L80
LG Leon 4G LTE (H340N)
LG Magna
LG P350 Optimus ME
LG P500 Optimus One
LG P690 Optimus Net
LG P700 Optimus L7
LG P710 Optimus L7 II
LG P720 Optimus 3D Max
LG P760 Optimus L9
LG P875 Optimus F5
LG P880 Optimus 4X HD
LG P895 Optimus Vu
LG P920 Optimus 3D
LG P936 Optimus True HD LTE
LG P940 Prada 3.0
LG P970 Optimus Black
LG P990 Optimus 2X
LG P990 Optimus Speed
LG Q60
LG S310
LG Spirit
LG Spirit LTE
LG Stylus 2
LG Stylus 2 Plus
LG T300 Cookie Lite
LG T310 Cookie Style
LG T320 Cookie 3G
LG T385
LG T500
LG V10
LG V30
LG V30S ThinQ
LG V30S Plus ThinQ
LG V30S ThinQ
LG V35 ThinQ
LG V40 ThinQ
LG V400 G Pad 7.0
LG V480 G Pad 8.0
LG V490 G Pad 8.0
LG V50 ThinQ
LG V50 ThinQ 5G
LG V500 G Pad 8.3
LG V60 ThinQ 5G
LG V700 G Pad 10.1
LG V900 Optimus Pad
LG V935 G Pad 2 10.1
LG Velvet
LG Vu 3
LG Wine Smart (H410)
LG Wing
LG X Cam
LG X Mach / X Fast (K600)
LG X Power (K220)
LG X Power 2 / X power2
LG X Power 3
LG X Screen
Libratone Bird
Libratone One Click
Libratone Q Adapt On-Ear
Libratone too
Libratone Track
Libratone Track Plus
Litecco G-RAY
Logitech G533
Logitech G633
Logitech G900
Logitech G903
Logitech G933
Logitech G935
Logitech H800
Logitech Harmony 665
Logitech Harmony 700
Logitech Harmony 950
Logitech Harmony Elite
Logitech Harmony One Ultimate
Logitech K800
Logitech K830
Logitech Keys-To-Go
Logitech MX Anywhere 2S
Logitech MX Ergo
Logitech MX Master
Logitech MX Master 2S
Logitech Touchpad T650
M-Horse B1000
M-Horse B2000
M-Horse M1 Super Slim
M-Horse Power 1
M-Horse Power 2
M-Horse Pure 1
MAXKU Wireless Controller
Medion Akoya E1234T
Medion Divine (MD 96580)
Medion E5008 (MD 60746)
Medion E66880
Medion LIFE E3501 (MD 98172)
Medion LIFE E4001 (MD 98500)
Medion LIFE E4005 (MD99253)
Medion LIFE E4502 (MD 98907)
Medion LIFE E4503 (MD 99232)
Medion LIFE E4504 (MD 99537)
Medion LIFE E4506 (MD 99478)
Medion LIFE E5001 (MD 99206)
Medion LIFE E5005 (MD 99915)
Medion LIFE E5006 (MD 60227)
Medion LIFE E5020 (MD 99616)
Medion LIFE E5504 (MD 99732)
Medion LIFE P4013 (MD 98332)
Medion LIFE P4310 (MD 98910)
Medion LIFE P4501 (MD 98428)
Medion LIFE P5001 (MD 98664)
Medion LIFE P5004 (MD 99369)
Medion LIFE P5005 (MD 99474)
Medion LIFE P5006 (MD 60752)
Medion LIFE P5015 (MD 99386)
Medion LIFE S5004 (MD 99707)
Medion LIFE S5504 (MD 99774 / MD 99905)
Medion Life X44000 (MD 87021)
Medion LIFE X4701 (MD 98272)
Medion LIFE X5001 (MD 98499)
Medion LIFE X5004 (MD 99238)
Medion LIFE X5020 (MD 99367 / MD 99462)
Medion LIFE X5020 (MD 99367)
Medion LIFE X5020 (MD 99462)
Medion LIFE X5020 (MD 99604)
Medion LIFE X5520 (MD 99607)
Medion LIFE X6001 (MD 98976)
Medion LifeTab E10315
Medion LifeTab E10316 (MD98516)
Medion LifeTab E10317
Medion LifeTab E10318 (MD98595)
Medion LifeTab E10320 (MD98641)
Medion LifeTab E10414 (MD61560)
Medion LifeTab E10501 (MD60331)
Medion LifeTab E10511 (MD60637)
Medion LifeTab E10513 (MD60683)
Medion LifeTab E10802 (MD60364)
Medion LifeTab E7310 (MD98318)
Medion LifeTab E7311 (MD98439)
Medion LifeTab E7312 (MD98488)
Medion LifeTab E7313 (MD98679)
Medion LifeTab E7315 (MD98619)
Medion LifeTab E7316 (MD98282)
Medion LifeTab E7331 (MD98195)
Medion LifeTab E7331 (MD98995)
Medion LifeTab P10341 (MD99233)
Medion LifeTab P10356 (MD99632)
Medion LifeTab P10400 (MD99775)
Medion LifeTab P10505 (MD99928)
Medion LifeTab P10505 (MD99929)
Medion LifeTab P10505 (MD99931)
Medion LifeTab P10505 (MD99984)
Medion LifeTab P10505 (MD99985)
Medion LifeTab P10505 (MD99986)
Medion LifeTab P10602 (MD60519)
Medion LifeTab P7331 (MD99195)
Medion LifeTab P7331 (MD99981)
Medion LifeTab P7332 (MD99103)
Medion LifeTab P7332 (MD99368)
Medion LifeTab P8311 (MD99488)
Medion LifeTab P8312 (MD99334)
Medion LifeTab P8313
Medion LifeTab P8314 (MD99612)
Medion LifeTab P8502 (MD99814)
Medion LifeTab P8513 (MD60175)
Medion LifeTab P8911 (MD99118)
Medion LifeTab P8912
Medion LifeTab P9514 (MD98052)
Medion LifeTab P9514 (MD98659)
Medion LifeTab P9514 (MD99000)
Medion LifeTab P9701 (MD60384)
Medion LifeTab P9702 (MD60201)
Medion LifeTab S10321 (MD98687)
Medion LifeTab S10333
Medion LifeTab S10334
Medion LifeTab S10345 (MD99042)
Medion LifeTab S10345 (MD99772)
Medion LifeTab S10346 (MD98992)
Medion LifeTab S10351 (MD99666)
Medion LifeTab S10352 (MD99482)
Medion LifeTab S10365 (MD99891)
Medion LifeTab S10366 (MD99781)
Medion LifeTab S7851 (MD98675)
Medion LifeTab S7852 (MD98625)
Medion LifeTab S8311 (MD98983)
Medion LifeTab S8312 (MD98989)
Medion LifeTab S9512
Medion LifeTab S9714 (MD98248)
Medion LifeTab S9714 (MD99300)
Medion LifeTab X10301 (MD60348)
Medion LifeTab X10301 (MD60545)
Medion LifeTab X10302 (MD60347)
Medion LifeTab X10311 (MD60654)
Medion P86009
MeiZu C9
MeiZu m1 note
MeiZu m2
MeiZu m2 note
MeiZu M3 Max
MeiZu M3 Note
MeiZu M5c
MeiZu M6T
MeiZu M8
MeiZu MX4
MeiZu MX4 Pro
MeiZu MX4 Ubuntu
MeiZu MX5
MeiZu Note 8
MeiZu Pro 5 Mini
MeiZu V8
MeiZu V8 Lite
MeiZu v8 Pro
Microsoft Lumia 435
Microsoft Lumia 435 Dual SIM
Microsoft Lumia 532
Microsoft Lumia 532 Dual SIM
Microsoft Lumia 540
Microsoft Lumia 540 Dual Sim
Microsoft Lumia 550
Microsoft Lumia 640
Microsoft Lumia 640 Dual SIM
Microsoft Lumia 640 LTE
Microsoft Lumia 640 XL
Microsoft Lumia 640 XL Dual SIM
Microsoft Lumia 650
Microsoft Lumia 650 Dual SIM
Microsoft Lumia 950
Microsoft Lumia 950 Dual SIM
Microsoft Lumia 950 XL
Microsoft Lumia 950 XL Dual SIM
Microsoft Surface 3
Microsoft Xbox One Controller
Microsoft Xbox One Elite Controller
Microsoft Xbox One Elite Kontroller 1
Microsoft Xbox One S Controller
Microsoft Xbox One X Controller
Midland H3
Midland H5
Midland XTC400VP
Midland XTC450VP
Minox DCC 5.0
Minox DCC 5.1
Mitac Mio C210
Mobistel Cynus E1
Mobistel CYNUS E4
Mobistel Cynus E5
Mobistel Cynus F3
Mobistel Cynus F4
Mobistel Cynus F6
Mobistel CYNUS F7
Mobistel Cynus F8
Mobistel CYNUS F9
Mobistel Cynus T1
Mobistel Cynus T2
Mobistel Cynus T5
Mobistel Cynus T6
Mobistel Cynus T7
Mobistel Cynus T8
Mobistel EL350Dual
Mobistel EL420Dual
Mobistel EL430Dual
Mobistel EL460Dual
MobiWire Ahiga
MobiWire Auriga
MobiWire Pegasus
MobiWire Pictor
MobiWire Taima
Motorola Atrix
Motorola AURA
Motorola DEFY
Motorola DEFY Mini
Motorola DEFY Plus
Motorola Edge 30
Motorola Edge 30 Pro
Motorola Edge Plus
Motorola EX112
Motorola Fire
Motorola Fire XT
Motorola Flipout
Motorola Gleam
Motorola Gleam Plus / Gleam
Motorola Milestone
Motorola Milestone 2
Motorola Milestone XT720
Motorola Moto C
Motorola Moto C Plus
Motorola Moto E
Motorola Moto E 2. Generation
Motorola Moto e20
Motorola Moto E3 / Moto E 3. Generation
Motorola Moto E4
Motorola Moto E4 Plus
Motorola Moto E5
Motorola Moto E5 Dual SIM
Motorola Moto E5 Play
Motorola Moto E5 Plus
Motorola Moto E6 Play
Motorola Moto E6 Plus
Motorola Moto e6i
Motorola Moto E6s
Motorola Moto E7 Plus
Motorola Moto G
Motorola Moto G 2
Motorola Moto G 3. Generation
Motorola Moto G4
Motorola Moto G4 Play
Motorola Moto G4 Plus
Motorola Moto G5
Motorola Moto G5 Plus
Motorola moto G52
Motorola Moto G5s
Motorola Moto G5s Plus
Motorola Moto G6 Play
Motorola Moto G82 5G
Motorola MOTO Q9h
Motorola MOTO U9
Motorola Moto X
Motorola Moto X (2014)
Motorola Moto X 2. Generation
Motorola Moto X 3. Generation
Motorola Moto X Force
Motorola Moto X Play
Motorola Moto X Style
Motorola MOTORAZR² V8
Motorola MOTORAZR² V9
Motorola MOTOROKR E8
Motorola Nexus 6
Motorola Pro
Motorola Pro plus
Motorola RAZR (2011)
Motorola RAZR HD XT925
Motorola RAZR i XT890
Motorola RAZR maxx
Motorola RAZR Maxx HD
Motorola RAZR XT910
Motorola Wilder
Motorola XOOM 1
Motorola XOOM 1 - MZ601
Motorola XOOM 1 - MZ604
Motorola XOOM 2
Motorola XOOM 2 - MZ607
Motorola XOOM 2 - MZ608
Motorola XOOM 2 - MZ615
Motorola XOOM 2 - MZ616
Mpow 059 Bluetooth Headphones
Mpow 079 Bluetooth Headphones
Mpow BH028A
Mpow BH078AB
Mpow BH231A
Mpow BH232A
Mpow BH355A
Mpow CH9
Mpow Cheetah
Mpow D4
Mpow D7
Mpow D8
Mpow D9
Mpow Flame
Mpow Flame 2
Mpow H1
Mpow H10 Active Noise Cancelling
Mpow H12 Active Noise Cancelling
Mpow H16 Active Noise Cancelling
Mpow H18 Active Noise Cancelling
Mpow H5 Active Noise Cancelling
Mpow H7
Mpow S10
Mpow S11
Mpow S6
Mpow T3 True Wireless Stereo
Mpow T5 True Wireless Stereo
Mpow T6 True Wireless Stereo
Mpow Thor
MSI Primo 81
MyPhone Active Sport FHD
Netgear AC785
Netgear AC797
Netgear AirCard 810
Nextbase 122
Nextbase 222
Nextbase 322GW
Nextbase 522GW
Nextbase 622GW
Nikon 1 J4
Nikon 1 J5
Nikon 1 V3
Nikon CoolPix A1000
Nikon Coolpix A900
Nikon Coolpix AW120
Nikon Coolpix AW130
Nikon CoolPix B600
Nikon Coolpix B700
Nikon CoolPix P1000
Nikon Coolpix P340
Nikon Coolpix P600
Nikon Coolpix P610
Nikon Coolpix P900
Nikon CoolPix P950
Nikon Coolpix S33
Nikon Coolpix S5300
Nikon Coolpix S6800
Nikon Coolpix S6900
Nikon Coolpix S7000
Nikon Coolpix S810c
Nikon Coolpix S9600
Nikon Coolpix S9700
Nikon Coolpix S9900
Nikon Coolpix W100
Nikon CoolPix W150
Nikon Coolpix W300
Nikon D3400
Nikon D3500
Nikon D5600
Nikon D7500
Nikon DL18-50
Nikon DL24-500
Nikon DL24-85
Nikon Keymission 170
Nikon Keymission 360
Nikon Keymission 80
Nikon Z 50
Nintendo Classic Mini: NES
Nintendo Classic Mini: SNES
NOA Fresh 4G
NOA Loop
NOA Primo 4G
NOA Spark SE
NOA Swing
NOA Vivo 4G
Noco GB70 genius Boost
Nokia 1
Nokia 1 Plus
Nokia 1.3
Nokia 1.4
Nokia 100
Nokia 101
Nokia 105
Nokia 105 (2019)
Nokia 110
Nokia 1100
Nokia 1101
Nokia 1110
Nokia 1110i
Nokia 1112
Nokia 113
Nokia 1200
Nokia 1208
Nokia 1209
Nokia 1280
Nokia 130
Nokia 150 (2017)
Nokia 1600
Nokia 1616
Nokia 1650
Nokia 1680 classic
Nokia 1800
Nokia 2
Nokia 2.1
Nokia 2.2 (2019)
Nokia 2.3
Nokia 2.4
Nokia 210
Nokia 215
Nokia 220
Nokia 222
Nokia 225
Nokia 230
Nokia 2300
Nokia 2310
Nokia 2323 classic
Nokia 2330 classic
Nokia 2600
Nokia 2610
Nokia 2626
Nokia 2700
Nokia 2700 classic
Nokia 2710 Navigation Edition
Nokia 2720 Flip
Nokia 2730 classic
Nokia 3 (2017)
Nokia 3 Dual SIM (2017)
Nokia 3.1
Nokia 3.1 (TA-1049)
Nokia 3.1 (TA-1057)
Nokia 3.1 (TA-1063)
Nokia 3.1 (TA-1070)
Nokia 3.1 (TA-1074)
Nokia 3.1 Plus
Nokia 3.2
Nokia 301
Nokia 301 Dual SIM
Nokia 3100
Nokia 3109 classic
Nokia 3110 classic
Nokia 3110 Evolve
Nokia 3120
Nokia 3120 Classic
Nokia 3310 (2017)
Nokia 3310 Dual-SIM (2017)
Nokia 3600 slide
Nokia 3610 fold
Nokia 3650
Nokia 3660
Nokia 3710 fold
Nokia 3720 classic
Nokia 4.2
Nokia 5 (2017)
Nokia 5 Dual SIM (2017)
Nokia 5.1
Nokia 500
Nokia 5030
Nokia 5130 XpressMusic
Nokia 515
Nokia 5220 XpressMusic
Nokia 5228
Nokia 5230
Nokia 5235 Comes With Music
Nokia 5250
Nokia 5310 (2020)
Nokia 5310 XpressMusic
Nokia 5320 XpressMusic
Nokia 5530 XpressMusic
Nokia 5610 XpressMusic
Nokia 5630 XpressMusic
Nokia 5730 XpressMusic
Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition
Nokia 5800 XpressMusic
Nokia 6 (2017)
Nokia 6 Dual SIM (2017)
Nokia 600
Nokia 603
Nokia 6030
Nokia 6085
Nokia 6086
Nokia 6205
Nokia 6210 Navigator
Nokia 6220 classic
Nokia 6230 / 6230i
Nokia 6267
Nokia 6270
Nokia 6303 classic
Nokia 6303i classic
Nokia 6350
Nokia 6500 Classic
Nokia 6500 Slide
Nokia 6555
Nokia 6600
Nokia 6600 fold
Nokia 6600 Slide
Nokia 6600i slide
Nokia 6630
Nokia 6670
Nokia 6680
Nokia 6681
Nokia 6700 classic
Nokia 6700 Slide
Nokia 6710 Navigator
Nokia 6720 classic
Nokia 6730 classic
Nokia 6760 slide
Nokia 6820
Nokia 6822
Nokia 700
Nokia 701
Nokia 7210 Supernova
Nokia 7230
Nokia 7310 Supernova
Nokia 7600
Nokia 7610
Nokia 7610 Supernova
Nokia 7900 Crystal Prism
Nokia 7900 Prism
Nokia 8 Sirocco
Nokia 8110 4G
Nokia 8600 Luna
Nokia 8800 Arte
Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte
Nokia 8800 Gold Arte
Nokia 8800 Sapphire Arte
Nokia 9 PureView
Nokia Asha 200
Nokia Asha 201
Nokia Asha 202
Nokia Asha 205
Nokia Asha 205 Dual SIM
Nokia Asha 210
Nokia Asha 210 Dual SIM
Nokia Asha 300
Nokia Asha 302
Nokia Asha 303
Nokia Asha 305
Nokia Asha 306
Nokia Asha 308
Nokia Asha 309
Nokia Asha 311
Nokia Asha 501
Nokia Asha 501 Dual SIM
Nokia Asha 503
Nokia Asha 503 Dual SIM
Nokia C1-01
Nokia C1-02
Nokia C2-00
Nokia C2-01
Nokia C2-02 Touch and Type
Nokia C2-03 Touch and Type
Nokia C2-05
Nokia C2-06 Touch and Type
Nokia C3-00
Nokia C3-01 Touch and Type
Nokia C5-00
Nokia C5-03
Nokia C5-06
Nokia C6-00
Nokia C6-01
Nokia C7-00
Nokia E5
Nokia E50 Smartphone
Nokia E52
Nokia E55
Nokia E6-00
Nokia E60 Smartphone
Nokia E63
Nokia E7-00
Nokia E71
Nokia E72
Nokia E75
Nokia Funk GPS Modul LD-3W
Nokia Lumia 1020
Nokia Lumia 1320
Nokia Lumia 1520
Nokia Lumia 520
Nokia Lumia 525
Nokia Lumia 530
Nokia Lumia 530 Dual Sim
Nokia Lumia 535
Nokia Lumia 610
Nokia Lumia 620
Nokia Lumia 625
Nokia Lumia 630
Nokia Lumia 630 Dual Sim
Nokia Lumia 635
Nokia Lumia 710
Nokia Lumia 720
Nokia Lumia 730
Nokia Lumia 730 Dual Sim
Nokia Lumia 735
Nokia Lumia 800
Nokia Lumia 820
Nokia Lumia 830
Nokia Lumia 900
Nokia Lumia 920
Nokia Lumia 925
Nokia Lumia 928
Nokia Lumia 930
Nokia N-Gage
Nokia N70
Nokia N70 Music Edition
Nokia N71
Nokia N72
Nokia N78
Nokia N79
Nokia N8
Nokia N81
Nokia N81 8GB
Nokia N810 Internet Tablet
Nokia N810 WiMAX Edition
Nokia N82
Nokia N85
Nokia N86 8MP
Nokia N9
Nokia N900
Nokia N91
Nokia N91 8GB
Nokia N96
Nokia N97
Nokia N97 mini
Nokia Oro
Nokia X Dual SIM
Nokia X Plus Dual SIM
Nokia X2 Dual SIM
Nokia X2-00
Nokia X2-01
Nokia X2-05
Nokia X3-00
Nokia X3-02 Touch and Type
Nokia X5
Nokia X6-00
Nokia X7-00
Nokia XL Dual SIM
Nokia XR20
NOMU S10 Pro
Nothing Phone 1
Novatel MiFi 2352
nVidia P2570 Shield
nVidia P2920
nVidia P2920 Shield Game Controller
nVidia Shield Controller
nVidia Shield TV
ODYS Connect 7 Pro
ODYS Connect 8
ODYS Connect 8 Plus
ODYS Evolution 12
ODYS Genesis
ODYS Ieos Quad
ODYS Ieos Quad Pro
ODYS Ieos Quad White Edition
ODYS Intellitab 7
ODYS Junior Tab 8 Pro
ODYS Lux 10
ODYS Maven 10
ODYS Maven 10 Plus
ODYS Maven 7
ODYS Maven 7 Plus
ODYS Miron
ODYS Notos Plus 3G
ODYS Primo 10 Quad
ODYS Select 7
ODYS Space 10
ODYS Study Tab
ODYS Union 10
ODYS Visio
ODYS Windesk 9
ODYS Windesk X10
ODYS Winkid 8
ODYS Winpad V10
ODYS Wintab 10
ODYS Wintab 8
ODYS Wintab 9 Plus 3G
ODYS Wintab GEN 8
ODYS Xelio 10 Quad
ODYS Xelio Phone Tab 3 LTE
ODYS Xpress
ODYS Xtense
ODYS Xtreme
Olight ALLTY 2000
Olight RN 120
Olycism Mini Sport
Olympia Becco
Olympia Becco Plus
Olympia Brio
Olympia Brio Touch
Olympia Chic
Olympia Chic II
Olympia Classic
Olympia Classic Mini
Olympia Free
Olympia Happy
Olympia Joy
Olympia Nova
Olympia Touch 2
Olympia VIVA
Olympia Viva Colour
Olympia VIVA II
Olympia Vox
Olympia Vox Colour
Olympus DS-9000
Olympus DS-9500
Olympus E-P7
Olympus OM System OM-5
Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III
Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III S
Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark IV
Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark III
Olympus Pen E-PL10
Olympus Pen E-PL9
Olympus Tough TG-5
Olympus Tough TG-6
Olympus VN-541PC
OnePlus 10 Pro
OnePlus 8 Pro
OnePlus 8T
OnePlus 9
OnePlus 9 Pro
OnePlus Nord
OnePlus One
OnePlus X
Oppo A12
Oppo A15
Oppo A31
Oppo A33 (2015)
Oppo A37
Oppo A53 (2015)
Oppo A57
Oppo A59
Oppo A7
Oppo A77
Oppo A8
Oppo A9 (2019)
Oppo F 1
Oppo F11
Oppo F11 Pro
Oppo F7
Oppo Find 5
Oppo Find 5 mini
Oppo Find 7
Oppo Find 7 Lite
Oppo Find 7a
Oppo Find X3 Pro
Oppo Joy
Oppo Joy 3
Oppo Joy Plus
Oppo Mirror 3
Oppo Mirror 5
Oppo Mirror 5s
Oppo N1
Oppo N1 mini
Oppo N3
Oppo Neo
Oppo Neo 3
Oppo Neo 5
Oppo Neo 5s
Oppo Neo 7
Oppo R1
Oppo R1k
Oppo R1L
Oppo R1x
Oppo R3
Oppo R5
Oppo R5s
Oppo R7
Oppo R7 Lite
Oppo R7 Plus
Oppo R7s
Oppo Reno Ace 2
Oppo RX17 Neo
Oppo Yoyo
Orange Dallas
Orange Panama
Orange San Diego
Orange Tactile Internet
Oukitel C11
Oukitel C11 Pro
Oukitel C12
Oukitel C12 Pro
Oukitel C13 Pro
Oukitel C15 Pro
Oukitel C16 Pro
Oukitel C22
Oukitel C23 Pro
Oukitel C5
Oukitel C5 Pro
Oukitel C8
Oukitel K3 Pro
Oukitel K4000 Plus
Oukitel K5
Oukitel K6000 Plus
Oukitel K6000 Pro
Oukitel K7 Power
Oukitel K7 Pro
Oukitel K7000
Oukitel K8
Oukitel K8000
Oukitel MIX 2
Oukitel U11 Plus
Oukitel U15 PRO
Oukitel U15S
Oukitel U16 Max
Oukitel U20 Plus
Oukitel U22
Oukitel U23
Oukitel U7 Max
Oukitel U7 Plus
Oukitel Universe Tap U8
Oukitel Y4800
Palm Eos
Palm Monk
Palm Pixi
Palm Pixi Plus
Palm Pre
Palm Pre Plus
Palm Treo Pro
Panasonic KX-TU329
Panasonic DC-G110K
Panasonic DC-G110V
Panasonic DC-G110W
Panasonic HC-V180
Panasonic HC-V380
Panasonic HC-V760
Panasonic HC-V770
Panasonic HC-V777
Panasonic HC-V800
Panasonic HC-V808
Panasonic HC-VX1
Panasonic HC-VX11
Panasonic HC-VX870
Panasonic HC-VX878
Panasonic HC-VX989
Panasonic HC-VXF1
Panasonic HC-VXF11
Panasonic HC-VXF999
Panasonic HC-WX970
Panasonic HC-WX979
Panasonic HC-WXF1
Panasonic HC-WXF1M
Panasonic HC-X1500
Panasonic HC-X2000
Panasonic HX-A1
Panasonic HX-A100
Panasonic HX-A500
Panasonic HX-DC1
Panasonic HX-DC10
Panasonic HX-DC2
Panasonic HX-DC3
Panasonic HX-WA10
Panasonic HX-WA2
Panasonic HX-WA20
Panasonic HX-WA3
Panasonic HX-WA30
Panasonic KX-TU110
Panasonic KX-TU150
Panasonic KX-TU155
Panasonic KX-TU301
Panasonic KX-TU320
Panasonic KX-TU321
Panasonic KX-TU325
Panasonic KX-TU327
Panasonic KX-TU328
Panasonic KX-TU400
Panasonic KX-TU446
Panasonic KX-TU456
Panasonic KX-TU466
Panasonic Lumix DC-FT7
Panasonic Lumix DC-FZ1000 II
Panasonic Lumix DC-FZ81
Panasonic Lumix DC-FZ82
Panasonic Lumix DC-FZ83
Panasonic Lumix DC-G9
Panasonic Lumix DC-G90
Panasonic Lumix DC-G91
Panasonic Lumix DC-GX800
Panasonic Lumix DC-GX880
Panasonic Lumix DC-GX9
Panasonic Lumix DC-LX100 II
Panasonic Lumix DC-TZ202
Panasonic Lumix DC-TZ90
Panasonic Lumix DC-TZ91
Panasonic Lumix DC-TZ95
Panasonic Lumix DC-TZ96
Panasonic Lumix DC-TZ96D
Panasonic Lumix DC-TZ96EG
Panasonic Lumix DC-TZ97
Panasonic Lumix DMC-CM1
Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ2000
Panasonic Lumix DMC-G80
Panasonic Lumix DMC-G81
Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX80
Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX80N
Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX15
Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ100
Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ101
Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ80
Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ81
Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ82
Parrot Bebop Drone
Parrot Zik 1.0
Parrot Zik 2.0
Parrot Zik 3.0
Pentax Efina
Pentax K-1
Pentax K-1 II
Pentax K-3 II
Pentax K-70
Pentax K-S1
Pentax K-S2
Pentax KF
Pentax KP
Pentax Optio LS465
Pentax Optio S1
Pettec Cam 360°
Pettec Cam Lite
Phicomm Clue
Phicomm Clue 2S
Phicomm Clue L
Phicomm Clue M
Phicomm Clue Plus
Phicomm Energy 2
Phicomm Energy 3 Plus
Phicomm Energy 4s
Phicomm Energy L
Phicomm Energy M
Phicomm Energy M Plus
Phicomm F11
Phicomm FWS610
Phicomm FWS620
Phicomm FWS710Pro
Phicomm i370
Phicomm i508
Phicomm i600
Phicomm i700
Phicomm i800
Phicomm i803
Phicomm i803wa
Phicomm i813
Phicomm Passion
Phicomm Passion 2S
Phicomm Passion 3
Phicomm Passion 4
Phicomm x100
Phicomm X130
Philips Avent SCD600
Philips AVENT SCD600/10
Philips Avent SCD610
Philips DPM6000
Philips DVT1110
Philips DVT2710
Philips DVT6010
Philips GoGear Azure SA5AZU04WF/12
Philips GoGear Azure SA5AZU08KF
Philips GoGear Muse SA4MUS
PICTEK Wireless Controller
Polar A360
Polar A370
Polar M400
Polar M450
Polar M460
Polar RC3
Polar V650
Polaroid Cube
Polaroid Cube Wi-Fi
Polaroid PD-G55H
Polaroid PD-S53H
Polaroid Snap
Polaroid Snap Touch
Polaroid Snap Touch Instant
Prestigio Grace
Prestigio Grace S5 LTE
Prestigio Grace X3
Prestigio Grace X5
Prestigio Grace X7
Prestigio MultiPhone 3405 Duo
Prestigio MultiPhone 3450 Duo
Prestigio MultiPhone 3502 Duo
Prestigio MultiPhone 5453 Duo
Prestigio MultiPhone 5454 Duo
Prestigio MultiPhone 5504 Duo
Prestigio MultiPhone 5507 Duo
Prestigio MultiPhone 5508 Duo
Prestigio MultiPhone 5517 Duo
Prestigio MultiPhone 5550 Duo
Prestigio MultiPhone 7500
Prestigio MultiPhone 7600 Duo
Prestigio Muze A3
Prestigio Muze C3
Prestigio Muze D3
Prestigio Muze E3
Prestigio Wize A3
Prestigio Wize C3
Prestigio Wize D3
Prestigio Wize E3
Prestigio Wize F3
Prestigio Wize K3
Punkt MP01
PURE Avalon N5
PURE Evoke H3
PURE Move 2500
PURE Move 2520
PURE Move R3
PURE Move T4
Razer Basilisk Ultimate
Razer DeathAdder V2 Pro
Razer Kaira
Razer Maus-Dock
Razer Nari
Razer Nari Ultimate
Razer Phone 2
Razer Seiren Elite
Razer Seiren Mini
Razer Seiren X
Razer Thresher
Razer Thresher Ultimate
Razer Viper Mini
Realme 3 Pro
Realme 3i
Realme 5
Realme 5i
Realme C11
Realme C2
Realme C3
Red Cycling Products Pro 25
Retekess V115
Ricoh HZ15
Ricoh Theta S
Ricoh Theta SC
Ricoh Theta V
Ricoh WG-30
Ricoh WG-30W
Ricoh WG-50
Ricoh WG-70
Ricoh WG-M2
Rii Mini K12 Plus
Rii RM200
Rode NTG4 Plus
Rode TX-M2
Rode VideoMic Pro Plus
Rollei 10050
Rollei 10051
Rollei 10052
Rollei 10053
Rollei Actioncam 220
Rollei Actioncam 300
Rollei Actioncam 310
Rollei Actioncam 400
Rollei Actioncam 410
Rollei Sportsline 60
Royal Kludge RK61
RugGear RG100
RugGear RG300
RugGear RG500
RugGear RG600
RugGear RG700
RugGear RG725
RugGear RG730
RugGear RG740
RugGear RG900
Ruizu D51
Ruizu X50
Ruizu X52-16Gb
Ruizu X52-8Gb
Sagem Puma Phone
Samsung DV150F
Samsung DV300 / DV300F
Samsung DV305 / DV305F
Samsung EK-GC100 Galaxy Camera
Samsung EK-GC110 Galaxy Camera
Samsung EK-GC120 Galaxy Camera
Samsung EK-GC200 Galaxy Camera
Samsung EK-GN120 Galaxy NX
Samsung EX2F
Samsung G870F Galaxy S5 Active
Samsung G920F Galaxy S6
Samsung G925F Galaxy S6 Edge
Samsung Galaxy A10 (SM-A105)
Samsung Galaxy A3 (2016 - SM-A310)
Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016 - SM-A510)
Samsung Galaxy A6
Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus
Samsung Galaxy A7 (2016 - SM-A710)
Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018) (SM-A750)
Samsung Galaxy A8 (SM-A800S)
Samsung Galaxy A9 (2016 - SM-A9000)
Samsung Galaxy Camera 2
Samsung Galaxy Core 2 (SM-G355)
Samsung Galaxy Core Prime (SM-G360F)
Samsung Galaxy Fold (SM-F907)
Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo (GT-I9060)
Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime SM-G530H
Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Value Edition (SM-G531F)
Samsung Galaxy J1 (2016 / SM-J120)
Samsung Galaxy J3 DUOS (2017 - SM-J330)
Samsung Galaxy J3 Duos (SM-J320)
Samsung Galaxy J4 Core (SM-J410)
Samsung Galaxy J4 Plus (SM-J415)
Samsung Galaxy J5 (2016 / SM-J510)
Samsung Galaxy J5 DUOS (2017 - SM-J530)
Samsung Galaxy J6 (2018) (SM-J600)
Samsung Galaxy J6 Plus (SM-J610)
Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016 / SM-J710)
Samsung Galaxy J7 (SM-J700F)
Samsung Galaxy J7 DUOS (2017 - SM-J730)
Samsung Galaxy M10 (SM-M105)
Samsung Galaxy M51 (SM-515)
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 (SM-N970)
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus (SM-N975)
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G (SM-N976)
Samsung Galaxy Note 20
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 5G
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra
Samsung Galaxy Note 5
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (SM-N930)
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (SM-N950)
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Duos (SM-N950FD)
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (SM-N960)
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Dous (SM-N960)
Samsung Galaxy S10 5G (SM-G977)
Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus SM-G975F
Samsung Galaxy S10 SM-G973F
Samsung Galaxy S10e SM-G970
Samsung Galaxy S20 (SM-G980)
Samsung Galaxy S20 FE (SM-G781)
Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus (SM-G986)
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra (SM-G988)
Samsung Galaxy S21 (SM-G991)
Samsung Galaxy S21 FE
Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus (SM-G996)
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra (SM-G998)
Samsung Galaxy S22
Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
Samsung Galaxy S23
Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra
Samsung Galaxy S4
Samsung Galaxy S5 Duos (SM-G900FD)
Samsung Galaxy S5 mini Duos (SM-G800H)
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus (SM-G928)
Samsung Galaxy S7 (SM-G930F)
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (SM-G935F)
Samsung Galaxy S8 (SM-G950 / SM-G950F)
Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus (SM-G955 / SM-G955F)
Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus DUOS (SM-G955FD)
Samsung Galaxy S9 (SM-G960)
Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus (SM-G965)
Samsung Galaxy Star (GT-S5280)
Samsung Galaxy Trend 2 (SM-G313HN)
Samsung Galaxy Trend 2 Lite (SM-G318H)
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip (SM-F700)
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 (SM-F916)
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4
Samsung GT-B2710
Samsung GT-B3210 Corby TXT
Samsung GT-B3310
Samsung GT-B5310 Corby Pro
Samsung GT-B5510 Galaxy Y Pro
Samsung GT-B5530 Galaxy Ch@t
Samsung GT-B7300 Omnia Lite
Samsung GT-B7330 Omnia Pro
Samsung GT-B7350 Omnia 735
Samsung GT-B7510 Galaxy Pro
Samsung GT-B7610 Omnia Pro
Samsung GT-B7620 Giorgio Armani
Samsung GT-B7722
Samsung GT-C3010
Samsung GT-C3222
Samsung GT-C3300 Player Mini
Samsung GT-C3310 Champ Deluxe
Samsung GT-C3310 REX 60
Samsung GT-C3330
Samsung GT-C3500 Ch@t 350
Samsung GT-C3520
Samsung GT-C3530
Samsung GT-C3560
Samsung GT-C3595
Samsung GT-C3750
Samsung GT-C5510
Samsung GT-C6712
Samsung GT-E1280
Samsung GT-E2200
Samsung GT-E2220 Ch@t 222
Samsung GT-E2222 Ch@t 222
Samsung GT-E2350B
Samsung GT-E2530
Samsung GT-E2600
Samsung GT-E3210
Samsung GT-i5500 Galaxy 550
Samsung GT-i5510 Galaxy 551
Samsung GT-i5700 Galaxy Spica
Samsung GT-i5800 Galaxy 3
Samsung GT-i5801 Galaxy Naos
Samsung GT-i6410 (M1 Vodafone 360)
Samsung GT-i7500 Galaxy
Samsung GT-i8000 Omnia II
Samsung GT-i8150 Galaxy W
Samsung GT-I8160 Galaxy Ace 2
Samsung GT-i8190 Galaxy S3 mini
Samsung GT-I8190N Galaxy S3 mini NFC
Samsung GT-i8200 Galaxy S3 mini
Samsung GT-i8200N Galaxy S3 mini
Samsung GT-I8260 Galaxy Core
Samsung GT-I8262 Galaxy Core Duos
Samsung GT-i8320 (H1 Vodafone 360)
Samsung GT-i8350 Omnia W
Samsung GT-i8510 INNOV8
Samsung GT-i8530 Galaxy beam
Samsung GT-i8700 Omnia 7
Samsung GT-i8730 Galaxy Express
Samsung GT-I8750 Ativ S
Samsung GT-i8910 HD
Samsung GT-I9000 Galaxy S
Samsung GT-i9001 Galaxy S Plus
Samsung GT-i9003 Galaxy S scl
Samsung GT-i9010 Giorgio Armani Galaxy S
Samsung GT-I9023 Google Nexus S
Samsung GT-i9070 Galaxy S Advance
Samsung GT-i9100 Galaxy S2
Samsung GT-i9103 Galaxy R
Samsung GT-I9105 Galaxy S2 plus
Samsung GT-I9150 Galaxy Mega 5.8
Samsung GT-i9195 Galaxy S4 mini
Samsung GT-I9205 Galaxy Mega
Samsung GT-i9210 Galaxy S2 LTE
Samsung GT-i9250 Galaxy Nexus
Samsung GT-I9295 Galaxy S4 Active
Samsung GT-i9300 Galaxy S3
Samsung GT-I9301 Galaxy S3 Neo
Samsung GT-i9500 Galaxy S4
Samsung GT-i9505 Galaxy S4
Samsung GT-i9515 Galaxy S4 VE
Samsung GT-M2310
Samsung GT-M2510
Samsung GT-M5650 Corby
Samsung GT-M7500 Emporio Armani
Samsung GT-M7600
Samsung GT-M8910 Pixon12
Samsung GT-N5100 Galaxy Note 8.0
Samsung GT-N5110 Galaxy Note 8.0
Samsung GT-N5120 Galaxy Note 8.0
Samsung GT-N7000 Galaxy Note
Samsung GT-N7100 Galaxy Note 2
Samsung GT-N7105 Galaxy Note 2
Samsung GT-P5200 Galaxy Tab 3 10.1
Samsung GT-P5210 Galaxy Tab 3 10.1
Samsung GT-P5220 Galaxy Tab 3 10.1
Samsung GT-P8110 (Google Nexus 10)
Samsung GT-S3350 Ch@t 335
Samsung GT-S3370 Corby 3G
Samsung GT-S3550
Samsung GT-S3570 Ch@t 2
Samsung GT-S3800W REX 70
Samsung GT-S3850 Corby II
Samsung GT-S5150
Samsung GT-S5220
Samsung GT-S5220R REX 80
Samsung GT-S5222 Star 3 Duos
Samsung GT-S5250 Wave 525
Samsung GT-S5260 Player City
Samsung GT-S5260 Star 2
Samsung GT-S5280
Samsung GT-S5300 Galaxy Pocket
Samsung GT-S5301 Galaxy Pocket Plus
Samsung GT-S5310 Galaxy Pocket Neo
Samsung GT-S5330 Wave 533
Samsung GT-S5350
Samsung GT-S5360 Galaxy Y
Samsung GT-S5380 Wave Y
Samsung GT-S5510
Samsung GT-S5530
Samsung GT-S5560
Samsung GT-S5570 Galaxy Mini
Samsung GT-S5600
Samsung GT-S5610
Samsung GT-S5611
Samsung GT-S5620
Samsung GT-S5660 Galaxy Gio
Samsung GT-S5670 Galaxy Fit
Samsung GT-S5750 Wave 575
Samsung GT-S5780 Wave 578
Samsung GT-S5830 Galaxy Ace
Samsung GT-S6010 Galaxy music
Samsung GT-S6102 Galaxy Y Duos
Samsung GT-S6310N Galaxy Young
Samsung GT-S6312 Galaxy Young Duos
Samsung GT-S6500 Galaxy Mini 2
Samsung GT-S6790N Galaxy Fame Lite
Samsung GT-S6802 Galaxy Ace Duos
Samsung GT-S6810P Galaxy Fame
Samsung GT-S7070
Samsung GT-S7220 Ultra Classic
Samsung GT-S7230 Wave 723
Samsung GT-S7250 Wave M
Samsung GT-S7270 Galaxy Ace 3
Samsung GT-S7272 Galaxy Ace 3
Samsung GT-S7275R Galaxy Ace 3
Samsung GT-S7350 Ultra SLIDE
Samsung GT-S7390 Galaxy Trend Lite
Samsung GT-S7500 Galaxy Ace Plus
Samsung GT-S7530 Omnia M
Samsung GT-S7550 Blue Earth
Samsung GT-S7560 Galaxy Trend
Samsung GT-S7562 Galaxy S DUOS
Samsung GT-S7580 Galaxy Trend plus
Samsung GT-S7582 Galaxy S Duos 2
Samsung GT-S8000 Jet
Samsung GT-S8300 Ultra TOUCH
Samsung GT-S8500 Wave
Samsung GT-S8530 Wave II
Samsung GT-S8600 Wave III
Samsung HMX-Q20
Samsung HMX-Q200
Samsung HMX-QF20
Samsung MV800
Samsung MV900 / MV900F
Samsung NX1
Samsung NX1000
Samsung NX1100
Samsung NX20
Samsung NX200
Samsung NX2000
Samsung NX210
Samsung NX30
Samsung NX300
Samsung NX310
Samsung NX500
Samsung NXF1 NX mini
Samsung Player 5
Samsung Player HD
Samsung Player Star
Samsung Player Star 2
Samsung Player Ultra
Samsung SCH-i200 Galaxy Stellar 4G
Samsung SGH-G810
Samsung SM G900H Galaxy S5
Samsung SM-A300 Galaxy A3
Samsung SM-A500 Galaxy A5
Samsung SM-A700 Galaxy A7
Samsung SM-C101 Galaxy S4 zoom
Samsung SM-C115 Galaxy K Zoom
Samsung SM-C115 Galaxy Kzoom
Samsung SM-G110H Galaxy Pocket 2
Samsung SM-G310 Galaxy Ace Style
Samsung SM-G310 Galaxy Young 2
Samsung SM-G350 Galaxy Core Plus
Samsung SM-G357 Galaxy Ace 4
Samsung SM-G3815 Galaxy Express II
Samsung SM-G386F Galaxy Core LTE
Samsung SM-G7105 Galaxy Grand 2
Samsung SM-G720 Galaxy Grand 3
Samsung SM-G800F Galaxy S5 mini
Samsung SM-G850F Galaxy Alpha
Samsung SM-G900F Galaxy S5
Samsung SM-G901 Galaxy S5
Samsung SM-G901F Galaxy S5
Samsung SM-G903F Galaxy S5 Neo
Samsung SM-G920FD Galaxy S6 Duos
Samsung SM-J100 Galaxy J1
Samsung SM-J500 Galaxy J5
Samsung SM-N7505 Galaxy Note 3 Neo
Samsung SM-N9005 Galaxy Note 3
Samsung SM-N910 Galaxy Note 4
Samsung SM-N910F Galaxy Note 4 LTE
Samsung SM-N915 Galaxy Note Edge
Samsung SM-P200 Galaxy Tab A 8.0 (2019) Wi-Fi
Samsung SM-P205 Galaxy Tab A 8.0 (2019) LTE
Samsung SM-P600 Galaxy Note 10.1 Edition 2014
Samsung SM-P601 Galaxy Note 10.1 Edition 2014
Samsung SM-P605 Galaxy Note 10.1 Edition 2014
Samsung SM-P607 Galaxy Note 10.1 Edition 2014
Samsung SM-P900 Galaxy Note Pro 12.2
Samsung SM-P905 Galaxy Note Pro 12.2
Samsung SM-T110 Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 Lite
Samsung SM-T111 Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 Lite
Samsung SM-T113 Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 Lite
Samsung SM-T1810 Galaxy Tab S2 9.7
Samsung SM-T1815 Galaxy Tab S2 9.7
Samsung SM-T210 Galaxy Tab 3 7.0
Samsung SM-T2105 Galaxy Tab 3 7.0
Samsung SM-T211 Galaxy Tab 3 7.0
Samsung SM-T215 Galaxy Tab 3 7.0
Samsung SM-T230 Galaxy Tab 4 7.0
Samsung SM-T235 Galaxy Tab 4 7.0
Samsung SM-T280 Galaxy Tab A 7.0
Samsung SM-T285 Galaxy Tab A 7.0
Samsung SM-T310 Galaxy Tab 3 8.0
Samsung SM-T311 Galaxy Tab 3 8.0
Samsung SM-T315 Galaxy Tab 3 8.0
Samsung SM-T320 Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4
Samsung SM-T325 Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4
Samsung SM-T330 Galaxy Tab 4 8.0
Samsung SM-T331 Galaxy Tab 4 8.0
Samsung SM-T335 Galaxy Tab 4 8.0
Samsung SM-T350 Galaxy Tab A 8.0
Samsung SM-T355 Galaxy Tab A 8.0
Samsung SM-T360 Galaxy Tab Active
Samsung SM-T365 Galaxy Tab Active
Samsung SM-T3777 Galaxy Tab E 8.0
Samsung SM-T520 Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1
Samsung SM-T525 Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1
Samsung SM-T530 Galaxy Tab 4 10.1
Samsung SM-T531 Galaxy Tab 4 10.1
Samsung SM-T533 Galaxy Tab 4 10.1
Samsung SM-T535 Galaxy Tab 4 10.1
Samsung SM-T550 Galaxy Tab A 9.7
Samsung SM-T555 Galaxy Tab A 9.7
Samsung SM-T560 Galaxy Tab E 9.6
Samsung SM-T560N Galaxy Tab E 9.6
Samsung SM-T561 Galaxy Tab E 9.6
Samsung SM-T580 Galaxy Tab A 10.1
Samsung SM-T585 Galaxy Tab A 10.1
Samsung SM-T670 Galaxy Tab View
Samsung SM-T670 Galaxy View
Samsung SM-T700 Galaxy Tab S 8.4
Samsung SM-T705 Galaxy Tab S 8.4
Samsung SM-T710 Galaxy Tab S2 8.0
Samsung SM-T713 Galaxy Tab S2 Plus 8.0
Samsung SM-T715 Galaxy Tab S2 8.0
Samsung SM-T719 Galaxy Tab S2 8.0
Samsung SM-T800 Galaxy Tab S 10.5
Samsung SM-T805 Galaxy Tab S 10.5
Samsung SM-T810 Galaxy Tab S2 9.7
Samsung SM-T813 Galaxy Tab S2 Plus 9.7
Samsung SM-T815 Galaxy Tab S2 9.7
Samsung SM-T819 Galaxy Tab S2 Plus 9.7
Samsung SM-T900 Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2
Samsung SM-T905 Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2
Samsung ST150F
Samsung ST151F
Samsung ST152F
Samsung ST200 / ST200F
Samsung ST201 / ST201F
Samsung ST205F
Samsung ST64
Samsung ST66
Samsung ST68
Samsung ST72
Samsung ST73
Samsung ST75
Samsung ST76
Samsung ST77
Samsung ST78
Samsung ST79
Samsung ST88
Samsung ST89
Samsung ST93
Samsung ST94
Samsung ST96
Samsung WB150 / WB150F
Samsung WB151
Samsung WB152 / WB152F
Samsung WB2100
Samsung WB2200F
Samsung WB250F
Samsung WB251F
Samsung WB280F
Samsung WB30F
Samsung WB31F
Samsung WB32F
Samsung WB350F
Samsung WB351F
Samsung WB352F
Samsung WB50F
Samsung WB750
Samsung WB800F
Samsung WB850F
Samsung WB855F
Samsung YP-F3
Samsung YP-G1 Galaxy S Wifi 4.0
Samsung YP-G50 Galaxy Player 50
Samsung YP-G70 Galaxy S Wifi 5.0
Samsung YP-GB70 Galaxy S WiFi 5.0 DAB
Samsung YP-GI1 Galaxy S Wifi 4.2
Samsung YP-GI1 Galaxy Wifi 4.2
Samsung YP-GS1 Galaxy S Wifi 3.6
SanDisk Clip Sport Plus
SanDisk Sansa Clip JAM
SanDisk Sansa Clip Sport
SanDisk Sansa Clip ZIP
SanDisk Sansa Fuze plus
SeaLife micro 2.0
SeeKool Handheld Spielkonsole 3"
Sennheiser Adapt 660
Sennheiser Audioport A 200
Sennheiser EKI 830
Sennheiser Epos Adapt 660 AMC
Sennheiser GSP 370
Sennheiser GSP 670
Sennheiser HDI 302
Sennheiser HDI 380 (IS 380)
Sennheiser HDI 830
Sennheiser HDR 30 (RS 30)
Sennheiser HDR 4 (RS 4)
Sennheiser HDR 40 (RS 40)
Sennheiser HDR 45 (RS 45)
Sennheiser HDR 6 (RS 6)
Sennheiser HDR 6-9 (RS 6-9)
Sennheiser HDR 60 (RS 60)
Sennheiser HDR 65 (RS 65)
Sennheiser HDR 8 (RS 8)
Sennheiser HDR 8-9 (RS 8-9)
Sennheiser HDR 80 (RS 80)
Sennheiser HDR 85 (RS 85)
Sennheiser IS 150
Sennheiser IS 300
Sennheiser MOMENTUM Wireless
Sennheiser PXC 550-II
Sennheiser RI 150
Sennheiser RI 250 (Set 250)
Sennheiser RI 250-J (Set 250-J)
Sennheiser RI 250-S (Set 250-S)
Sennheiser RI 300
Sennheiser RI 410 (IS 410)
Sennheiser RI 50 (Set 50 TV)
Sennheiser RI 55 (Set 55 TV)
Sennheiser RI 810 (Set 810)
Sennheiser RI 810 S (Set 810 S)
Sennheiser RI 830 (Set 830 TV)
Sennheiser RI 830-S (Set 830-S)
Sennheiser RI 840 (Set 840 TV)
Sennheiser RI 840-S (Set 840-S)
Sennheiser RI 900 (Set 900)
Sennheiser RR 2400 (RS 2400)
Sennheiser RR 4200
Sennheiser RR 820 (Set 820)
Sennheiser RR 820 S (Set 820 S)
Sennheiser RR 840
Sennheiser RR 840 S
Sennheiser RS 2400
Sennheiser RS 400
Sennheiser RS 4200 (IS 410)
Sennheiser Set 20
Sennheiser Set 500
SFR 3440
Sharp Aqous B10
Sharp Aqous Phone SH-80F
Sharp SH80F Aquos Phone 3D
Shimano CM-1000
SHINEZONE Wireless Controller
Siemens RR 832 (Set 832 TV)
Siemens RR 842 (Set 842 TV)
Sigma Sport Aura 35
Sigma Sport Aura 40
Sigma Sport Aura 45
Sigma Sport Aura 60
Sigma Sport Aura 80
Sigma Sport BC 23.16 STS
Sigma Sport Blaze
Sigma Sport Nugget II
Sigma Sport Pure 1
Sigma Sport Roadster 40
Sigma Sport ROX 10.0
Sigma Sport ROX 11.0
Sigma Sport ROX 12.0
Sigma Sport ROX 7.0
Simvalley Easy 5
Simvalley PX-1720-919
Simvalley PX-3365-919
Simvalley PX-3385-919
Simvalley PX-3484-919
Simvalley PX-3485-919
Simvalley PX-3545-919
Simvalley PX-3566-919
Simvalley PX-3595-919
Simvalley PX-3596-919
Simvalley PX-3820-919
Simvalley PX-3830-919
Simvalley PX-3843-919
Simvalley PX-3870-919
Simvalley PX-3873-919
Simvalley PX-3880-919
Simvalley PX-3883-919
Simvalley PX-3890-919
Simvalley PX-3891-919
Simvalley PX-3893-919
Simvalley PX-3899-919
Simvalley PX-3908-919
Simvalley PX-3914-919
Simvalley RX-380 Pico X-Slim
Simvalley SP-40
Simvalley SP-60
Simvalley SP-80
Simvalley SPX-5
Simvalley SX-310
Simvalley SX-315
Simvalley SX-330
SJCAM Qumox BoomYours
SJCAM Qumox DX 288812
SJCAM Qumox DX 288813
SJCAM Qumox SupTig3
SJCAM SJ5000 Plus
SJCAM SJ500X Elite
SkyCaddie SX500
SkyGolf Gametracker GT2
Smono 1
Smono 2
Smono 3
Smono 4
Smono 4 Pro
Smono Flowermate Pro 6.0
Snooper Truckmate S6900
Snooper Ventura S6900
Sony A6100 ILCE-6100
Sony A6400 ILCE-6400
Sony A6600 ILCE-6600
Sony A7 III (ILCE-7M3 / ILCE-7M3K)
Sony Action-Cam HDR-AZ1
Sony Action-Cam HDR-AZ1VR
Sony Alpha 1
Sony Alpha 6400 ILCE-6400
Sony Alpha 68 (α68 ILCA-68)
Sony Alpha 77 II (A77 II ILCA-77M2)
Sony Alpha 7S III
Sony Alpha 99 II (α99 II ILCA-99M2)
Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX10
Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX10V
Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX200 / HX200V
Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX20V
Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX30
Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX300
Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX30V
Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX400
Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX400V
Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX50
Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX50V
Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX60
Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX60V
Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX80
Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX90
Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX90V
Sony Cyber-shot DSC-QX10
Sony Cyber-shot DSC-QX100
Sony Cyber-shot DSC-QX30
Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX1
Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX10
Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX10 II
Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100
Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100M2 (RX100 II)
Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100M3 (RX100 III)
Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100M4 (RX100 IV)
Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX10M3 (RX10 III)
Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX1R
Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX30
Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX100
Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX150
Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX200
Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX220
Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX300
Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX350
Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX50
Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX500
Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX60
Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX70
Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX80
Sony DEV-30
Sony DEV-50
Sony DEV-50V
Sony DSC-HX350
Sony DSC-HX95
Sony DSC-HX99
Sony DSC-RX0 Ultra
Sony DSC-RX10 IV (DSC-RX10M4)
Sony DSC-RX100 VI (RX100M6 / RX100 6)
Sony DSC-RX100 VII
Sony DSC-RX100M5 (RX100 V)
Sony DSC-RX100M7
Sony DSLR-A3000 (α3000)
Sony Dualshock 4 V1
Sony Dualshock 4 V2
Sony Ericsson Aspen
Sony Ericsson Cedar
Sony Ericsson Live Walkman (WT19a / WT19i)
Sony Ericsson Mix Walkman
Sony Ericsson Spiro
Sony Ericsson TXT
Sony Ericsson TXT Pro
Sony Ericsson Vivaz (U5i)
Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro (U8i)
Sony Ericsson Xperia Active (ST17i)
Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc
Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S
Sony Ericsson Xperia Kyno
Sony Ericsson Xperia Kyno V
Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini (ST15i)
Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro (SK17i)
Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo
Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo V
Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY
Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro
Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray
Sony Ericsson Xperia X10
Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini
Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro (U20a / U20i)
Sony Ericsson Xperia X2
Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 (E15i)
Sony Ericsson Yendo
Sony FDR-AX100
Sony FDR-AX100E
Sony FDR-AX33
Sony FDR-AX43
Sony FDR-AX700 4K Camcorder
Sony FDR-AXP33
Sony FDR-X1000V
Sony FDR-X3000
Sony HDR-AS10
Sony HDR-AS100V
Sony HDR-AS15
Sony HDR-AS20
Sony HDR-AS200V
Sony HDR-AS30
Sony HDR-AS300
Sony HDR-AS50 Action Cam
Sony HDR-CX405
Sony HDR-CX430
Sony HDR-CX440
Sony HDR-CX450
Sony HDR-CX455
Sony HDR-CX485
Sony HDR-CX625
Sony HDR-CX675
Sony HDR-CX680
Sony HDR-CX900
Sony HDR-CX900E
Sony HDR-GW55
Sony HDR-GW66
Sony HDR-GWP88
Sony HDR-MV1
Sony HDR-PJ410
Sony HDR-PJ440
Sony HDR-PJ620
Sony HDR-PJ675
Sony HDR-PJ680
Sony HDR-PJ810
Sony HVL-F60RM2
Sony HXR-NX100
Sony HXR-NX5
Sony HXR-NX80
Sony ICD-TX800
Sony ILCA-77M2Q (Alpha 77 II / α77II)
Sony ILCE-5000 (α5000)
Sony ILCE-5100 (α5100)
Sony ILCE-6000 (α6000)
Sony ILCE-6300 (α6300)
Sony ILCE-6500 (α6500)
Sony ILCE-7 (Alpha 7 / α7)
Sony ILCE-7M2 (Alpha 7 II / α7 II)
Sony ILCE-7R (Alpha 7R / α7R)
Sony ILCE-7RM2 (Alpha 7R II / α7R II)
Sony ILCE-7S (Alpha 7S / α7S)
Sony ILCE-7SM2 (Alpha 7S II / α7S II)
Sony ILCE-9 (α9)
Sony MDR-1000X
Sony MDR-100ABN
Sony MDR-EX750BT
Sony MDR-EX750NA
Sony MDR-HW300K
Sony MDR-HW700DS
Sony MDR-XB650BT
Sony MDR-XB950B1
Sony MDR-XB950BT
Sony MDR-XB950N1
Sony MDR-ZX220BT
Sony MDR-ZX330BT
Sony NEX-3N
Sony NEX-3NL
Sony NEX-5R
Sony NEX-6
Sony NEX-F3
Sony NEX-VG30
Sony NW-E394
Sony Playstation 4 VR Aim Controller
Sony Playstation Classic
Sony PRS-350
Sony PRS-650
Sony PRS-T1
Sony PRS-T2
Sony PRS-T3
Sony PXW-FS5
Sony PXW-X70
Sony PXW-Z90T
Sony PXW-Z90V
Sony SLT-A58 (α58)
Sony Smartwatch 2 SW2
Sony SmartWatch 3 (SWR50)
Sony SRS-HG1
Sony SRS-X11
Sony SRS-X2
Sony SRS-X33
Sony SRS-XB10
Sony SRS-XB2
Sony SRS-XB20
Sony SRS-XB21
Sony SRS-XB22
Sony SRS-XB31
Sony SRS-XB41
Sony Tablet P
Sony Tablet P (SGPT211)
Sony Tablet P (SGPT212)
Sony Tablet S
Sony Tablet S (SGPT111)
Sony Tablet S (SGPT112)
Sony Tablet S (SGPT113)
Sony Tablet S (SGPT114)
Sony WF-SP700N
Sony WH-1000XM2
Sony WH-CH400
Sony WH-CH500
Sony WH-CH700N
Sony WH-H800
Sony WH-H900N
Sony WI-1000X
Sony WI-C300
Sony WI-H700
Sony WI-SP500
Sony WI-SP600N
Sony Xperia 1 II
Sony Xperia 1 III
Sony Xperia 1 IV
Sony Xperia 5 II
Sony Xperia Acro S
Sony Xperia Acro S (LT26w)
Sony Xperia Arco S
Sony Xperia C3 (D2533)
Sony Xperia C4 (E5303)
Sony Xperia C4 (E5306)
Sony Xperia C4 (E5353)
Sony Xperia C5 Ultra (E5506)
Sony Xperia C5 Ultra (E5553)
Sony Xperia C5 Ultra Dual (E5533)
Sony Xperia C5 Ultra Dual (E5563)
Sony Xperia E
Sony Xperia E (C1504)
Sony Xperia E (C1505)
Sony Xperia E Dual
Sony Xperia E Dual (C1604)
Sony Xperia E Dual (C1605)
Sony Xperia E1
Sony Xperia E1 (D2004)
Sony Xperia E1 (D2005)
Sony Xperia E3
Sony Xperia E3 (D2202)
Sony Xperia E3 (D2203)
Sony Xperia E3 (D2206)
Sony Xperia E3 (D2243)
Sony Xperia E4
Sony Xperia E4g (E2003)
Sony Xperia E4g (E2006)
Sony Xperia E4g (E2053)
Sony Xperia E5
Sony Xperia Go
Sony Xperia Go (ST27a)
Sony Xperia Go (ST27i)
Sony Xperia Ion
Sony Xperia Ion (LT28h)
Sony Xperia J
Sony Xperia J (ST26a)
Sony Xperia J (ST26i)
Sony Xperia L (C2104)
Sony Xperia L (C2105)
Sony Xperia M
Sony Xperia M (C1904)
Sony Xperia M (C1905)
Sony Xperia M2
Sony Xperia M2 (D2303)
Sony Xperia M2 (D2305)
Sony Xperia M2 (D2306)
Sony Xperia M2 Aqua
Sony Xperia M2 Aqua (D2403)
Sony Xperia M2 Aqua (D2406)
Sony Xperia M2 Dual (D2302)
Sony Xperia M4 Aqua (E2303)
Sony Xperia M4 Aqua (E2306)
Sony Xperia M5 (E5603)
Sony Xperia M5 (E5606)
Sony Xperia M5 (E5653)
Sony Xperia M5 Dual (E5633)
Sony Xperia M5 Dual (E5643)
Sony Xperia M5 Dual (E5663)
Sony Xperia Miro
Sony Xperia Miro (ST23a)
Sony Xperia Miro (ST23i)
Sony Xperia P
Sony Xperia P (LT22i)
Sony Xperia S
Sony Xperia S (LT26i)
Sony Xperia Sola
Sony Xperia Sola (MT27i)
Sony Xperia SP
Sony Xperia SP (C5302)
Sony Xperia Style (Xperia T3)
Sony Xperia T
Sony Xperia T (LT30i)
Sony Xperia T (LT30p)
Sony Xperia T2 Ultra
Sony Xperia T3
Sony Xperia T3 (D5102)
Sony Xperia T3 (D5103)
Sony Xperia T3 (D5106)
Sony Xperia Tablet Z
Sony Xperia Tablet Z (SGP311)
Sony Xperia Tablet Z (SGP312)
Sony Xperia Tablet Z (SGP321)
Sony Xperia Tablet Z (SGP341)
Sony Xperia Tablet Z (SGP351)
Sony Xperia Tipo
Sony Xperia Tipo (ST21a)
Sony Xperia Tipo (ST21i)
Sony Xperia Tipo Dual
Sony Xperia Tipo Dual (ST21a2 )
Sony Xperia Tipo Dual (ST21i2 )
Sony Xperia TX (LT29i)
Sony Xperia U
Sony Xperia U (ST25a)
Sony Xperia U (ST25i)
Sony Xperia V
Sony Xperia V (LT25i)
Sony Xperia X
Sony Xperia X Performance (F8131)
Sony Xperia XA
Sony Xperia XA Ultra
Sony Xperia XZ2
Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium
Sony Xperia XZ3
Sony Xperia Z
Sony Xperia Z (C6602)
Sony Xperia Z (C6603)
Sony Xperia Z Ultra
Sony Xperia Z Ultra (C6802)
Sony Xperia Z Ultra (C6806)
Sony Xperia Z Ultra (C6833)
Sony Xperia Z Ultra (C6843)
Sony Xperia Z1
Sony Xperia Z1 (C6903)
Sony Xperia Z1 Compact
Sony Xperia Z1 Compact (D5503)
Sony Xperia Z2
Sony Xperia Z2 (D6502)
Sony Xperia Z2 (D6503)
Sony Xperia Z2 (D6543)
Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet
Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet (SGP511)
Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet (SGP512)
Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet (SGP521)
Sony Xperia Z3
Sony Xperia Z3 (D6603)
Sony Xperia Z3 (D6653)
Sony Xperia Z3 Compact
Sony Xperia Z3 Compact (D5803)
Sony Xperia Z3 Compact (D5833)
Sony Xperia Z3 Plus
Sony Xperia Z3 Plus (E6553)
Sony Xperia Z3 Plus dual (E6533)
Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact
Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact (SGP611)
Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact (SGP612)
Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact (SGP621)
Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet (SGP711)
Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet (SGP712)
Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet (SGP721)
Sony Xperia Z5
Sony Xperia Z5 Compact
Sony Xperia Z5 Premium
Sony Xperia ZL
Sony Xperia ZL (C6502)
Sony Xperia ZL (C6503)
Sony Xperia ZR
Sony Xperia ZR (C5502)
Sony Xperia ZR (C5503)
Sony ZV-1
Soulcker Mp3 Player-16Gb
Stages Dash L200
Stages Dash M200
Steam Controller
SteelSeries Arctis 3 Bluetooth 2019 Edition
SteelSeries Arctis 9
SteelSeries Arctis 9X
SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless
SumUp Air
SuperEye M2-16Gb (2019)
SuperEye M3-16Gb (2019)
Svmuu D15-8Gb
Swisstone BBM 300
Swisstone BBM 320
Swisstone BBM 320C
Swisstone BBM 400
Swisstone BBM 420
Swisstone BBM 605
Swisstone BBM 610
Swisstone BBM 615
Swisstone BBM 625
Swisstone BX 110
Swisstone BX 200
Swisstone BX 300
Swisstone BX 310
Swisstone BX 320 TWS
Swisstone BX 500
Swisstone BX 520 TWS
Swisstone BX 600
Swisstone Dotbox 1
Swisstone SC 230
Swisstone SC 330
Swisstone SC 550
Swisstone SC 560
Swisstone SC 590 Touch
Swisstone SC 660
Swisstone SC 700
Swisstone SC 710
Swisstone SD 510
Swisstone SD 530
Switel eSmart M2
Switel eSmart M3
Switel M190
Switel M220 Classico
Switel M270D Mapa
Switel M275D
Switel M600D
T-Mobile Bravo
T-Mobile HD2
T-Mobile Pulse
T-Mobile Pulse mini
Tamron 10-24mm 1:3.5-4.5 Di II VC HLD
Tamron SP AF 10-24mm F3.5-4.5 Di II LD Asph IF
TCL 20 Pro 5G
Technaxx MusicMan BigBass BT-X15
Technaxx MusicMan BT-X15
Technaxx MusicMan BT-X23
Technaxx MusicMan BT-X28
Technaxx MusicMan BT-X32
Technaxx MusicMan BT-X33
Technaxx MusicMan BT-X39
Technaxx MusicMan BT-X42
Technaxx MusicMan BT-X43
Technaxx MusicMan BT-X49
Technaxx MusicMan BT-X50
Technaxx MusicMan Slim BT-X27
TechniSat BL-5C
TechniSat Digitradio 1
TechniSat Digitradio 2
TechniSat Digitradio 2s
Teclast 98
Teclast A10H
Teclast A10S
Teclast A78 Quad Core
Teclast M20 4G
Teclast Master T10
Teclast P10
Teclast P10HD
Teclast P10s
Teclast P70 4G
Teclast P80 Pro
Teclast P80H
Teclast P80X 4G
Teclast P98 3G
Teclast P98 4G
Teclast T98 4G
Teclast Tbook 10
Teclast Tbook 10S
Teclast Tbook 11
Teclast Tbook 12 Pro
Teclast Tbook 16 Pro
Teclast Tbook 16S
Teclast X10 3G
Teclast X10 Plus
Teclast X10HD 3G
Teclast X16 Plus
Teclast X16 Pro
Teclast X16HD 3G
Teclast X2 Pro
Teclast X3 Plus
Teclast X3 Pro
Teclast X70 3G
Teclast X70 R 3G
Teclast X80 Plus
Teclast X80 Power
Teclast X80 Pro
Teclast X80HD
Teclast X89
Teclast X89 Kindow
Teclast X98 Air
Teclast X98 Air II
Teclast X98 Air III
Teclast X98 Plus II
Teclast X98 Pro
Tecmobile Handy 100
Tecmobile Handy 107
Tecmobile Handy 150
Tecmobile Nova X
Tecmobile Onyx 300
Tecmobile Opal 2
Tecmobile Opal 800E
Tecmobile Oyster 500
Tecmobile Pluto
Tecmobile Q50
Tecmobile R25
Tecmobile R25i
Tecmobile R30
Tecmobile Storm 4G
Tecmobile Sync 4G
Tecmobile Sync 5
Tecmobile T150
Tecmobile Titan 300
Tecmobile Titan 500E
Tecmobile Titan 550
Tecmobile Titan 600
Tecmobile Titan Genesis
Tecmobile You 25
Tecmobile You 40
Telefunken Business TB
Telefunken Diamond TD1
Telefunken Diamond TD2
Telefunken Diamond TD3
Telefunken Enjoy TE
Telefunken Enjoy TE1
Telefunken Enjoy TE2
Telefunken Live TL1
Telefunken Live TL2
Telefunken Selfie TS1
Telefunken TM 200
Telekom Move
Telme C145
Telme C150
Telme T200
Telme TS100
Telme X200
Tesco Hudl 2
Teufel Airy
Teufel Airy Sports
Teufel Airy True Wireless
Teufel Move BT
Teufel Real Blue
Teufel Real Blue NC
Teufel Supreme In
ThiEye i60e
ThiEye T5e 4K Wifi Action Cam
THL Knight 1
THL T9 Plus
THL T9 Pro
ThruNite T1
Tiptel Ergophone 6010
Tiptel Ergophone 6011
Tiptel Ergophone 6020 Plus
Tiptel Ergophone 6021 Plus
Tiptel Ergophone 6040
Tiptel Ergophone 6050
Tiptel Ergophone 6060
Tiptel Ergophone 6070
Tiptel Ergophone 6071
Tiptel Ergophone 6112
Tiptel Ergophone 6120
Tiptel Ergophone 6121
Tiptel Ergophone 6160
Tiptel Ergophone 6170
Tiptel Ergophone 6171
Tiptel Ergophone 6180
Tiptel Ergophone 6181
Tokvia T111
Tokvia T201
Tolino Shine
Tolino Shine 2 HD
Tolino Tab 7
Tolino Tab 8
Tolino Tab 8.9
Tolino Vision 2
Tolino Vision 3 HD
TomTom Go 40
TomTom Go 400
TomTom Go 50
TomTom Go 500 (2013)
TomTom Go 5000
TomTom Go 510 (2013)
TomTom Go 5100
TomTom Go 520 (2016)
TomTom Go 5200
TomTom Go 60
TomTom Go 600
TomTom Go 6000
TomTom Go 610
TomTom Go 6100
TomTom Go 620 (2016)
TomTom GO 620 World
TomTom Go 6200
TomTom Go Basic
TomTom Go Classic
TomTom Go Discover
TomTom Go Essential
TomTom GO Essential 6 EU
TomTom Go Expert
TomTom GO Live 820 Europe
TomTom Go Live 825 Europe
TomTom Go Premium
TomTom Go Premium X
TomTom Go Professional 6250
TomTom Pro 7100
TomTom Pro 8375
TomTom Pro 9100
TomTom Pro Truck 5250
TomTom Rider 40
TomTom Rider 400
TomTom Rider 420
TomTom Rider 450
TomTom Rider 50
TomTom Rider 500
TomTom Rider 550
TomTom Start 20 M Europe Traffic
TomTom Start 20 Central Europe Traffic
TomTom Start 20 Europe Traffic
TomTom Start 20 M
TomTom Start 20 M Central Europe Traffic
TomTom Start 25 Central Europe Traffic
TomTom Start 25 Europe Traffic
TomTom Start 40
TomTom Start 42
TomTom Start 50
TomTom Start 52
TomTom Start 52 Europe Traffic
TomTom Start 52 Lite
TomTom Start 60
TomTom Start 60 EU
TomTom Start 60 M Europe Traffic
TomTom Start 62
TomTom Touch Fitness Tracker
TomTom Via 110
TomTom Via 120 Central Europe Traffic
TomTom Via 120 Europe Traffic
TomTom Via 125 Europe Traffic
TomTom Via 130
TomTom Via 135
TomTom Via 135 M Europe Traffic
TomTom Via 135M
TomTom Via 1405
TomTom Via 1405M
TomTom Via 1405T
TomTom Via 1435T
TomTom Via 1435TM
TomTom Via 1505
TomTom Via 1505M
TomTom Via 1505T
TomTom Via 1535T
TomTom Via 52
TomTom Via 53
TomTom Via 62
TomTom Via Live
TomTom Via Live 120
TomTom Via LIVE 120 Europe
TomTom Via Live 125
TomTom Vio
Tonbux 4K Sport Action Camera
Toshiba AT10 Excite Pure
Toshiba AT10LE Excite Pro
Toshiba AT10PE Excite Write
Toshiba AT200
Toshiba AT300
Toshiba AT300SE
Toshiba Camileo BW10
Toshiba Camileo P20
Toshiba Camileo S40
Toshiba Camileo S45
Toshiba Camileo X-SPORTS
Toshiba K01
Toshiba K02
Toshiba L01
Toshiba TG01
Toshiba TG02
Toshiba TG03
Toshiba WT10-A Encore 2 Write
Toshiba WT7-C-100 Encore Mini
Toshiba WT7-C-101 Encore Mini
Toshiba WT8 Encore
Toshiba WT8-A-102 Encore
Toshiba WT8-A-103 Encore
Toshiba WT8-B Encore 2
TP-Link M5250
TP-Link M5350
TP-Link M5360
TP-Link M7000
TP-Link M7010
TP-Link M7200
TP-Link M7300
TP-Link M7310
TP-Link M7350
TP-Link M7350 Version 5
TP-Link M7350 Version 5.1
TP-Link M7450
TP-Link M7650
TP-Link Neffos C5
TP-Link Neffos C5 Max
TP-Link Neffos C5A
TP-Link Neffos C5L
TP-Link Neffos C5S
TP-Link Neffos C7
TP-Link Neffos C7A
TP-Link Neffos C9
TP-Link Neffos C9A
TP-Link Neffos X1
TP-Link Neffos X1 Lite
TP-Link Neffos X1 Max
TP-Link Neffos X9
TP-Link Neffos Y50
TP-Link Neffos Y5S
TP-Link TL-MR3020
TP-Link TL-WR802N
TP-Link TL-WR902AC
Travis Touch Go
TrekStor SurfTab breeze 10.1 quad (ST10408-5)
TrekStor SurfTab breeze 7.0 (ST70104-2)
TrekStor SurfTab breeze 7.0 plus (ST70204-3)
TrekStor SurfTab breeze 7.0 quad (ST70408-2)
TrekStor SurfTab duo W1 (ST10432-10c)
TrekStor SurfTab twin 10.1
TrekStor SurfTab ventos 10.1 (ST10216-1)
TrekStor SurfTab ventos 10.1 (ST10216-2)
TrekStor SurfTab ventos 7.0 (ST702xx-2)
TrekStor SurfTab ventos 7.0 HD (ST702xx-1)
TrekStor SurfTab ventos 8.0 (ST80208)
TrekStor SurfTab ventos 9.7 (ST97216)
TrekStor SurfTab wintron 10.1 (ST10432-3)
TrekStor SurfTab wintron 10.1 3G (ST10432-3A)
TrekStor SurfTab wintron 10.1 3G pro
TrekStor SurfTab wintron 10.1 3G pro (ST10464-4)
TrekStor SurfTab wintron 10.1 3G pro plus
TrekStor SurfTab wintron 10.1 3G pure (ST10432-6a)
TrekStor SurfTab wintron 10.1 pure (ST10432-6)
TrekStor SurfTab wintron 7.0 (ST70416-5)
TrekStor SurfTab wintron 8.0 (ST80416-1)
TrekStor SurfTab xintron i 10.1 (ST10216-3)
TrekStor SurfTab xintron i 7.0 (94941)
TrekStor SurfTab xiron 10.1 (ST10416-1)
TrekStor SurfTab xiron 10.1 3G (ST10416-2)
TrekStor SurfTab xiron 7.0 3G (ST70404-1)
TrekStor SurfTab xiron 7.0 HD (ST70408-1)
TrekStor Volks-Tablet (VT10416-1)
TrekStor Volks-Tablet 3G (VT10416-2)
TRELOCK LS 560 I-Go Control
TRELOCK LS 950 Control Ion
Tribit MaxSound Plus
Tribit StormBox
TrueCam H5
TrueCam H7
TrueCam M5
TrueCam M7
TrueCam M9
Tschisen V90 8GB
Tschisen V93 16GB
Turtle Beach Ear Force i30
Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 300
Turtle Beach Ear Force XP300
Turtle Beach Ear Force XP400
Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero
Turtle Beach Recon 200 Gen 1
Turtle Beach Stealth 450
Turtle Beach Stealth 600
Turtle Beach Stealth 700
TUTUO Wireless Controller
TwoNav Anima
TwoNav Aventura 2
TwoNav Aventura 2 Motor
TwoNav Horizon
TwoNav Horizon Bike
TwoNav Trail 2
TwoNav Trail 2 Bike
TwoNav Velo
UHANS Note 4
Ulefone Be One
Ulefone Be Pro
Ulefone Be Touch
Ulefone Be Touch 2
Ulefone Be Touch 3
Ulefone Be X
Ulefone F1
Ulefone Gemini
Ulefone GQ3028
Ulefone Metal
Ulefone Mix
Ulefone Note 7
Ulefone Note 7P
Ulefone Note 8
Ulefone Note 8P
Ulefone P6000 Plus
Ulefone Paris
Ulefone Paris Arc HD
Ulefone Paris Golden
Ulefone Paris Lite
Ulefone Paris X
Ulefone Power
Ulefone Power 2
Ulefone Power 3L
Ulefone Power 5
Ulefone Power 5S
Ulefone Power Max
Ulefone S1
Ulefone S10 Pro
Ulefone S11
Ulefone S8
Ulefone S8 Pro
Ulefone T1
Ulefone Tiger
Ulefone U007
Ulefone U007 Pro
Ulefone U008 Pro
Ulefone Vienna
Ulefone X
Uleway F240
Uleway Flip Phone 3G G340D
Uleway Senior Phone
Ultimate Ears Blast
Ultimate Ears Boom 1
Ultimate Ears Boom 2
Ultimate Ears Boom 3
Ultimate Ears Megablast
Ultimate Ears Megaboom
Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3
Ultimate Ears Roll 1
Ultimate Ears Roll 2
Ultimate Ears Wonderboom
Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2
Umidigi A3
Umidigi A3 Pro
Umidigi A3S
Umidigi A3X
Umidigi A5 Pro
Umidigi C Note
Umidigi C2
Umidigi Diamond
Umidigi Diamond X
Umidigi G
Umidigi London
Umidigi London 3G
Umidigi One Max
Umidigi One Pro
Umidigi Touch
Umidigi Z2 Pro
Unihertz Jelly Pro
Urbanista Berlin
Urbanista Boston
Urbanista Detroit
Urbanista Madrid
Urbanista Milan
Urbanista Seattle
Urbanista Tokyo
Vankyo Matrixpad S8
Vankyo MatrixPad Z1
Vankyo MatrixPad Z4
Vasco Translator Mini 2
Vasco Translator Premium 5
Vasco Translator Solid 4
Vectron MobilePro 3
Vectron MobilePro III
Vectron POS MobilePro 3
Vectron POS MobilePro III
Vemont 1080p 12MP Action Camera
Vernee M6
Vernee Mix 2
Vernee T3 Pro
Vernee Thor Plus
VicTsing 1080p FHD Action Camera (VDAC-20161228)
Victure AC600
Victure AC700
Victure AC800
Victure AC900
Victure CT7000
Victure M3-8Gb
Victure M5-8Gb
Victure M5X-8Gb
Victure M6X-16Gb
Victure M7X-16Gb
Viewsonic V350
Vivanco Aircoustic HighQ
Vivanco Aircoustic HighQ Audio
Vivanco Aircoustic HighQ Power
Vivanco Aircoustic HighQ Sense
Vivanco BTHP 260
Vivanco Neos Air
Vivanco Smart Air 3
Vivanco Smart Pair
Vivanco Sport Air 4
Vivanco Sport Air Running
Vivanco Sport Pair
Vivanco Traveller Air 4
Vivitar DVR-850W
Vivitar V8027
Vivitar ViviCam 8027
Vivitar ViviCam 8225
Vivitar ViviCam T328
Vivitar ViviCam V8225
Vivitar VT328
Vivo V11
Vivo V11i
Vivo V15
Vivo V15 Pro
Vivo V7
Vivo V7 Plus
Vivo V9
Vivo V9 Youth
Vivo X21
Vivo X27 Pro
Vivo Y17
Vivo Y71
Vivo Y81i
Vivo Y83
Vivo Y85
Vivo Y91C
Vivo Y93
Vivo Y95
VKworld F2
VKworld Mix Plus
VKworld S3
VKworld Z2
VKworld Z3310
Vodafone 360 H1
Vodafone 360 M1
Vodafone 858 Smart
Wahoo Fitness ELEMNT
weikin Handheld-Spielkonsole 3"
welltop Handheld Spielkonsole 3"
Wiko Barry
Wiko Birdy
Wiko Birdy 4G
Wiko Bloom
Wiko Bloom 2
Wiko Cink Five
Wiko Cink King
Wiko Cink Peax
Wiko Cink Peax 2
Wiko Cink plus
Wiko Cink Slim
Wiko Cink Slim 2
Wiko Darkfull
Wiko Darkmoon
Wiko Darknight
Wiko Darkside
Wiko Fab 4G
Wiko Fever
Wiko Fever 4G
Wiko Fever SE
Wiko Freddy
Wiko Getaway
Wiko Goa
Wiko Harry (M1714)
Wiko Harry 2
Wiko Highway
Wiko Highway 4G
Wiko Highway Pure
Wiko Highway Signs
Wiko Highway Star
Wiko Iggy
Wiko Jerry
Wiko Jerry 3
Wiko Jerry Max
Wiko Jimmy
Wiko K-Kool
Wiko Kar
Wiko Kar 2
Wiko Kar 3
Wiko Kenny (M1638)
Wiko Kite
Wiko Lenny
Wiko Lenny 2
Wiko Lenny 3
Wiko Lenny 3 Max
Wiko Lenny 4
Wiko Lenny 4 Plus
Wiko Lenny 5
Wiko Lubi
Wiko Lubi 2
Wiko Lubi 3
Wiko Lubi 4
Wiko Lubi plus
Wiko Night Fever
Wiko Ozzy
Wiko Power U10
Wiko Power U20
Wiko Pulp
Wiko Pulp 4G
Wiko Pulp Fab
Wiko Pulp Fab 4G
Wiko Rainbow
Wiko Rainbow 4G
Wiko Rainbow Jam
Wiko Rainbow Jam 4G
Wiko Rainbow Lite
Wiko Rainbow Up
Wiko Ridge 4G
Wiko Ridge Fab 4G
Wiko Riff
Wiko Riff 2
Wiko Robby
Wiko Selfy
Wiko Slide
Wiko Slide 2
Wiko Soap
Wiko Stairway
Wiko Sublim
Wiko Sunny
Wiko Sunny 2
Wiko Sunny 2 Plus
Wiko Sunny 3
Wiko Sunny 3 Mini
Wiko Sunny Max
Wiko Sunset
Wiko Sunset 2
Wiko Tommy
Wiko Tommy 2
Wiko Tommy 2 Plus
Wiko Tommy 3
Wiko U Feel
Wiko U Feel Fab
Wiko U Feel Go
Wiko U Feel Lite
Wiko U Feel Prime
Wiko U Pulse
Wiko U Pulse Lite
Wiko Ubik
Wiko Venia
Wiko View
Wiko View 2
Wiko View 2 GO
Wiko View 2 Plus
Wiko View 2 PRO
Wiko View 3
Wiko View 3 Lite
Wiko View 4
Wiko View 4 Lite
Wiko View Go
Wiko View Lite
Wiko View Max
Wiko View Prime
Wiko View XL
Wiko Wax
Wiko Wax 4G
Wiko Wim
Wiko Wim Lite
Wiko Y52
Wiko Y60
Wiko Y61
Wiko Y62
Wiko Y80
Wiko Y81
Wiko Y82
Williams Sound RX237 (WIR 237)
Williams Sound RX238 (WIR 238)
Williams Sound RX239 (WIR 239)
Williams Sound WIRRX16
Williams Sound WIRRX238
Winnes TK905
Winnes TK905B
Winnes TK915
Xiaomi 12
Xiaomi 12 Pro
Xiaomi Hongmi
Xiaomi Mi 10
Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro
Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra
Xiaomi Mi 11
Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite
Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G
Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra
Xiaomi Mi 11i
Xiaomi Mi 4
Xiaomi Mi 4c
Xiaomi Mi 4i
Xiaomi Mi 9
Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro 5G
Xiaomi Mi A2 lite
Xiaomi Mi Max
Xiaomi Mi Mix 2
Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S
Xiaomi Mi Mix 3
Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G
Xiaomi Mi Note
Xiaomi Mi Note Pro
Xiaomi Mi Play
Xiaomi Mi Portable Photo Printer
Xiaomi Mi1
Xiaomi Mi1S
Xiaomi Mi2
Xiaomi Mi2A
Xiaomi Mi2S
Xiaomi Mi3
Xiaomi Redmi 2
Xiaomi Redmi 3
Xiaomi Redmi 4A
Xiaomi Redmi 4X
Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus
Xiaomi Redmi 6
Xiaomi Redmi 6a
Xiaomi Redmi 7
Xiaomi Redmi 7a
Xiaomi Redmi 9A
Xiaomi Redmi 9C
Xiaomi Redmi 9T
Xiaomi Redmi A1
Xiaomi Redmi Note
Xiaomi Redmi Note 10
Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 5G
Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro
Xiaomi Redmi Note 10S
Xiaomi Redmi Note 2
Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 Prime
Xiaomi Redmi Note 3
Xiaomi Redmi Note 4
Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G
Xiaomi Redmi Note 5
Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro
Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A
Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro
Xiaomi Redmi S2
XIDO X110 (EF10551)
XIDO X110 3G (EF10552)
XIDO X111 (EF10553)
XIDO X70 (EF10550)
XIDO Z110 (EF10556)
XIDO Z110 3G (EF10557)
XIDO Z120 3G (EF10560)
XIDO Z120 3G (EF10561)
XIDO Z90 (EF10554)
XIDO Z90 (EF10555)
XP-PEN Star 03 V2
XP-PEN Star 05
XP-PEN Star 06
Yarber AR01
YEZZ Andy 3.5E
YEZZ Andy 4.5E LTE
YEZZ Andy 4.5M
YEZZ Andy 4.7M LTE
YEZZ Andy 4E
YEZZ Andy 5.5 M LTE VR
YEZZ Andy 5.5EI
YEZZ Andy 5T
YEZZ Andy 6Q
YEZZ Andy A4.5
YEZZ Andy A5
YEZZ Andy AZ4.5
YEZZ Billy 4
YEZZ Billy 4.7
YEZZ Classic C21
YEZZ Classic C21A
YEZZ Classic C22
YEZZ Classic C23A
YEZZ Classic C60
YEZZ Classic CC40
YEZZ Exclusive Z10
YEZZ Fashion F10
YEZZ Foxy 3.5
YEZZ Foxy 4
Yota Devices YOTAPHONE
Yota Devices YOTAPHONE 2
Yuneec Breeze
Yuneec Breeze 4K
Yuneec Breeze 4K Controller
Yuneec H3
Yuneec H520
Yuneec Q500
Yuneec Q500 Plus
Yuneec Typhoon 4K Quadrocopter
Yuneec Typhoon G
Yuneec Typhoon H Hexacopter
Yuneec Typhoon H Plus
ZealSound k08-u
Zexrow Wireless Controller
ZTE A3 (2020)
ZTE Agent
ZTE Amigo
ZTE Atlas W
ZTE Axon
ZTE Axon 10 Pro
ZTE Axon 9 Pro
ZTE Axon Elite
ZTE Axon mini
ZTE Blade
ZTE Blade 2
ZTE Blade 3
ZTE Blade A31
ZTE Blade A31 Lite
ZTE Blade A452
ZTE Blade A510
ZTE Blade A512
ZTE Blade A520
ZTE Blade A530
ZTE Blade A6
ZTE Blade A602
ZTE Blade A610 Plus
ZTE Blade A612
ZTE Blade A910
ZTE Blade C341
ZTE Blade G
ZTE Blade L110
ZTE Blade L3
ZTE Blade L3 Plus
ZTE Blade L5
ZTE Blade L5 Plus
ZTE Blade L6
ZTE Blade L7
ZTE Blade L7A
ZTE Blade S
ZTE Blade S6
ZTE Blade S6 Plus
ZTE Blade V10
ZTE Blade V220
ZTE Blade V580
ZTE Blade V6
ZTE Blade V7
ZTE Blade V7 Lite
ZTE Blade V7 Max
ZTE Blade V8
ZTE Blade V8 Mini
ZTE Blade V9
ZTE Blade V9 Vita
ZTE Blade Vec
ZTE Blade Vec 4G
ZTE Crescent
ZTE Cute
ZTE Essenze
ZTE G-R250
ZTE Grand Blade L2
ZTE Grand Blade X Pro
ZTE Grand Kis 3
ZTE Grand Kis 3 Max
ZTE Grand Memo LTE
ZTE Grand S Flex
ZTE Grand X IN
ZTE Grand X Pro
ZTE Kis 2 Max
ZTE Kis 3 Max
ZTE Kis Plus
ZTE Link
ZTE N9120 Avid 4G
ZTE N9500 Flash
ZTE Nubia 5S
ZTE Nubia 5S Mini
ZTE Nubia X6
ZTE Nubia Z5
ZTE Nubia Z5S
ZTE Nubia Z5S Mini
ZTE Nubia Z7
ZTE Nubia Z7 Max
ZTE Nubia Z7 Max (NX505J)
ZTE Nubia Z7 Mini
ZTE Nubia Z9
ZTE Nubia Z9 Max
ZTE Nubia Z9 Mini
ZTE R236
ZTE Racer II
ZTE S202
ZTE Skate
ZTE Tania
ZTE X630
ZyXEL AC1200
ZyXEL LTE2566-M634
ZyXEL LTE4506-M606
ZyXEL N300

Product ratings

(This review has been automatically translated. Original language: spanish.)
(This review has been automatically translated. Original language: italian.)
(This review has been automatically translated. Original language: dutch.)
Cable does indeed work for Sony e-reader, which is not obvious.
(This review has been automatically translated. Original language: dutch.)
Happy with my new cable, now I can charge my e-reader again
(This review has been automatically translated. Original language: dutch.)
works as expected and good price
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