USB Data Cable for Simvalley Easy 5 / RX-180 Pico / RX-280 Pico / RX-80 Pico / SX-325 / SX-330 1m Long Fast Transfer Charging Cable 1A PVC Black

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CELLONIC® Mini USB to USB A mobile phone Fast Charger and high speed data transfer cable – replacement for Simvalley chargers and Simvalley Easy 5 / RX-180 Pico charging cables.

Lost or damaged your original Simvalley charging cable? Need a high-quality, long-lasting replacement charging data cable for your smartphone that offers reliable, solid connection and Fast Charging?

This top quality, durable, strong and tough Mini USB to USB A phone USB adapter with a tangle- and kink-free 1m PVC mobile phone charger cord is the perfect replacement USB 2.0 cable for Simvalley Easy 5 / RX-180 Pico smart phones .

Charge your Simvalley phone quickly with this Fast Charging 1A phone battery charger that also functions as a high speed 480 MBit/s - USB 2.0 mobile data cable for syncing and transferring files to and from computers and other devices. 

High quality, high speed 480 MBit/s - USB 2.0 file transfer cable and smartphone charger with Fast Charging 1A capability
Backwards-compatible with previous USB versions
Long-lasting and reliable - flexible, break-proof 1m new phone charger with kink protection

CELLONIC® USB phone charger & data lead
Cable Material: PVC
Plug Material: PVC
Connector 1: Mini USB connector
Connector 2: USB A adapter
Version: USB 2.0
Charging Current: 1A
Data rate (max): 480 MBit/s - USB 2.0
1m long USB lead
Colour: Black

3 Year Manufacturer Guarantee
CELLONIC® Fast Charging cables stand for high-quality and certified standards – that’s why they come with a 36-month guarantee!

Fits the following devices

Simvalley Easy 5
Simvalley RX-180 Pico
Simvalley RX-280 Pico
Simvalley RX-80 Pico
Simvalley SX-325
Simvalley SX-330
Simvalley XL-915
Simvalley XL-959
Simvalley XP-25
Simvalley XP-45
Simvalley XP-65
Simvalley XT-520 Sun

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