subtel® AS10D31 Replacement Battery for Acer Aspire 5750G / V3-771G / 5742G / 7750G 4400mAh AS10D51 Battery

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Cell Technology:
Lithium Ion
10.8V - 11.1V

Compatibility list

Bring your Acer laptop back to full charge with this brand new replacement battery for Acer Aspire 5750G, V3-771G, 5742G, 7750G, 7741G battery, AS10D51 Acer laptop battery, AS10D81 battery & more from subtel®.

Just because your laptop battery doesn’t hold its charge like it used to, it doesn’t mean you have to buy a whole new laptop.

Replacement laptop batteries give your notebook a second life, enabling you to work, watch videos or play games for many more hours between charges – just like when your laptop was new.

This subtel® AS10D31 battery replacement has been specifically designed for use as a Acer replacement battery for Aspire 5750G / V3-771G / 5742G laptops & more - including a replacement Acer Aspire 5750G, Acer Aspire V3-771G, Acer Aspire 5742G battery & AS10D31 Acer battery.

✔ High-capacity, long battery life – 4400mAh for extended use between charges.
✔ Long service life at full power – battery uses Lithium cells without memory effect, for premium performance and increased lifespan.
✔ Certified safety and quality – CE & ROHS certified, Grade A laptop power bank with short-circuit, overheating and overvoltage protection.
✔ Thorough, comprehensive testing – each battery cell is tested for optimum capacity and to ensure all safety requirements are met – all before installation.
✔ Wide compatibility – suits a wide range of Acer Aspire laptops - a perfect replacement battery for Acer Aspire 4000 Series, 5000 Series, 7000 Series TravelMate & more.

AS10D51 Battery Specifications:
Capacity: 4400mAh
Voltage: 10.8V - 11.1V
Cell Technology: Lithium Ion
Please Note: >> A replacement lithium-ion battery with a higher capacity (1000mAh or more) will protrude slightly at the bottom or rear but will still be suitable to use, as our replacement battery has been designed to be compatible with the battery compartment in your laptop.
Model: AS10D31 battery

 3-Year Guarantee 
Founded in 2004, subtel is an international, specialist retailer dealing in only high-quality products. That’s why we offer a 36-month guarantee.

Replaces the following products

Acer 31CR19/65-2
Acer 31CR19/652
Acer 934T2078F
Acer AS10D31
Acer AS10D3E
Acer AS10D41
Acer AS10D51
Acer AS10D5E
Acer AS10D61
Acer AS10D71
Acer AS10D73
Acer AS10D75
Acer AS10D7E
Acer AS10D81
Acer BT.00603.111
Acer BT.00604.049
Acer BT.00607.125
Acer BT.00607.126
Acer LC.BTP00.123
Acer LC.BTP00.127

Fits the following devices

Acer Aspire 4000 Series
Aspire 4251
Aspire 4252
Aspire 4333
Aspire 4349
Aspire 4551
Aspire 4551G
Aspire 4552
Aspire 4552G
Aspire 4733Z
Aspire 4738
Aspire 4738G
Aspire 4738Z
Aspire 4738ZG
Aspire 4741
Aspire 4741G
Aspire 4741Z
Aspire 4741ZG
Aspire 4743
Aspire 4743G
Aspire 4743Z
Aspire 4743ZG
Aspire 4749
Aspire 4749Z
Aspire 4750
Aspire 4750G
Aspire 4750Z
Aspire 4750ZG
Aspire 4752
Aspire 4752G
Aspire 4752Z
Aspire 4752ZG
Aspire 4755
Aspire 4755G
Aspire 4771
Aspire 4771G
Aspire 4771Z

Acer Aspire 5000 Series
Aspire 5000
Aspire 5251
Aspire 5252
Aspire 5253
Aspire 5253G
Aspire 5336
Aspire 5349
Aspire 5551
Aspire 5551G
Aspire 5552
Aspire 5552G
Aspire 5560
Aspire 5560G
Aspire 5733
Aspire 5733Z
Aspire 5736
Aspire 5736G
Aspire 5736Z
Aspire 5741
Aspire 5741G
Aspire 5741Z
Aspire 5741ZG
Aspire 5742
Aspire 5742G
Aspire 5742Z
Aspire 5742ZG
Aspire 5749
Aspire 5749Z
Aspire 5750
Aspire 5750G
Aspire 5750Z
Aspire 5750ZG
Aspire 5755
Aspire 5755G

Acer Aspire 7000 Series
Aspire 7551
Aspire 7551G
Aspire 7552
Aspire 7552G
Aspire 7560
Aspire 7560G
Aspire 7741
Aspire 7741G
Aspire 7741Z
Aspire 7741ZG
Aspire 7750
Aspire 7750G
Aspire 7750Z
Aspire 7750ZG
Aspire 7751
Aspire 7751G

Acer Aspire E1 Series
Aspire E1-421
Aspire E1-431
Aspire E1-431G
Aspire E1-451G
Aspire E1-471
Aspire E1-471G
Aspire E1-521
Aspire E1-531
Aspire E1-531G
Aspire E1-571
Aspire E1-571G
Aspire E1-731
Aspire E1-731G
Aspire E1-732
Aspire E1-732G
Aspire E1-771
Aspire E1-771G
Aspire E1-772
Aspire E1-772G

Acer Aspire V3 Series
Aspire V3-431
Aspire V3-471
Aspire V3-471G
Aspire V3-531
Aspire V3-531G
Aspire V3-551
Aspire V3-551G
Aspire V3-571
Aspire V3-571G
Aspire V3-731
Aspire V3-731G
Aspire V3-771
Aspire V3-771G

Acer TravelMate 4000 Series
TravelMate 4370
TravelMate 4370G
TravelMate 4740
TravelMate 4740G
TravelMate 4740T
TravelMate 4740TG
TravelMate 4740Z
TravelMate 4740ZG
TravelMate 4750
TravelMate 4750G
TravelMate 4750TG
TravelMate 4750Z
TravelMate 4750ZG

Acer TravelMate 5000 Series
TravelMate 5000
TravelMate 5335
TravelMate 5335Z
TravelMate 5335ZG
TravelMate 5340
TravelMate 5340G
TravelMate 5542
TravelMate 5542
TravelMate 5542G
TravelMate 5542Z
TravelMate 5542ZG
TravelMate 5735
TravelMate 5735G
TravelMate 5735Z
TravelMate 5735ZG
TravelMate 5740
TravelMate 5740G
TravelMate 5740TG
TravelMate 5740Z
TravelMate 5740ZG
TravelMate 5742
TravelMate 5742G
TravelMate 5742TG
TravelMate 5742Z
TravelMate 5742ZG
TravelMate 5744
TravelMate 5744
TravelMate 5744G
TravelMate 5744Z
TravelMate 5760
TravelMate 5760
TravelMate 5760G
TravelMate 5760Z
TravelMate 5760ZG

Acer TravelMate 6000 Series
TravelMate 6495
TravelMate 6495G
TravelMate 6495T
TravelMate 6495T 
TravelMate 6495T
TravelMate 6495TG
TravelMate 6595
TravelMate 6595G
TravelMate 6595G
TravelMate 6595T
TravelMate 6595TG

Acer TravelMate 7000 Series
TravelMate 7340G
TravelMate 7740
TravelMate 7740 
TravelMate 7740G
TravelMate 7740Z
TravelMate 7740ZG
TravelMate 7750
TravelMate 7750G
TravelMate 7750Z
TravelMate 7750ZG

Acer TravelMate 8000 Series
TravelMate 8472
TravelMate 8472G
TravelMate 8472T
TravelMate 8472TG
TravelMate 8472Z
TravelMate 8472ZG
TravelMate 8473
TravelMate 8473G
TravelMate 8473T
TravelMate 8473TG
TravelMate 8473Z
TravelMate 8572
TravelMate 8572G
 TravelMate 8572T
TravelMate 8572TG
TravelMate 8573
TravelMate 8573G
TravelMate 8573T
TravelMate 8573TG

Acer TravelMate P000 Series
TravelMate P243-M
TravelMate P243-MG
TravelMate P253-E
TravelMate P253-M
TravelMate P253-MG
TravelMate P273-M
TravelMate P273-MG
TravelMate P453-M
TravelMate P453-MG
TravelMate P643-M
TravelMate P643-MG
TravelMate P643-V
TravelMate P653-M
TravelMate P653-MG
TravelMate P653-V

Acer TravelMate TM4000 Series
TravelMate TM4750
TravelMate TM4750G

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(This review has been automatically translated. Original language: german.)
Order received quickly, everything went well because the part fitted perfectly. The longevity of the battery can currently no information to be given yet.
(This review has been automatically translated. Original language: german.)
(This review has been automatically translated. Original language: german.)
(This review has been automatically translated. Original language: german.)
everything great. thanks
(This review has been automatically translated. Original language: french.)
Hello to the whole team the product ordered was 100% compliant the voltage was respected as well as the capacity I had no problem setting up the computer accepting it immediately which was not the case in another order made on another site I already knew subtel and when I tried to make my first as my first order on a weekend I think your computers must have been overloaded and payment support was not going through so here it is the experience with you and again conclusive there is just this problem of overload during the weekend which perhaps should be settled I wish you good continuity to all