CELLONIC® LCD Camera Charger for Olympus DS-7000 -DS3500 VR-310 -320 VH-210 FE-4000 -20 -230 -340 Tough TG-320 Li-40C Li-42C Camera Batteries | Smart Battery Charger

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Compatibility list

CELLONIC® camera battery charger, compatible for camera batteries.

Nothing can ruin a day’s shooting like a flat camera battery and no back up.

This CELLONIC® LCD smart battery charger for cameras has been specifically designed for use as a charger, with 100% compatibility for digital cameras batteries .

Reliable, safe and high-speed charger for your Li-40B Li-42B battery or replacement, this smart LED display charger features an LCD screen, enabling you to see the current charge level of any battery within its dock – even when not connected to the mains.

✔ Quick, reliable charging times
✔ Quality power supply – flexible, durable, rugged
✔ Compact, ideal for travel and off-site photoshoots

Smart camera battery chargers actually extend the life of your batteries:
✔ Safe, gentle charging – variable voltage adjusts charge, prolonging service life
✔ LED charge display – see the charge of your camera batteries
✔ Flexible 100V - 240V input voltage for worldwide use (UK power cable included)
✔ CE & ROHS certified with short-circuit, overheating and overvoltage protection

Camera Power Adapter Specifications:
AC Input: 100V - 240V
DC Output: 4.2 V - 8.4 V - 600mA max.
Charging time: ~2 hours per 1000mAh

1x CELLONIC® camera battery adapter for Li-40B Li-42B camera batteries
1x AC mains power cord

★ 3 Year Manufacturer Guarantee ★
CELLONIC® camera charger sets stand for high-quality, certified standards – that’s why we offer a 36-month guarantee!

Replaces the following products

Olympus Li-40B
Olympus LI-40C
Olympus LI-41C

Fits the following devices

Olympus Li-40B

Olympus C-25
Olympus C-540
Olympus C-550
Olympus C-560
Olympus C-570
Olympus D-630 Zoom
Olympus D-720
Olympus D-725
Olympus D-730
Olympus D-765
Olympus D-770
Olympus DS-3500
Olympus DS-7000
Olympus FE-150
Olympus FE-160
Olympus FE-190
Olympus FE-20
Olympus FE-220
Olympus FE-230
Olympus FE-240
Olympus FE-250
Olympus FE-280
Olympus FE-290
Olympus FE-300
Olympus FE-3000
Olympus FE-3010
Olympus FE-320
Olympus FE-330
Olympus FE-340
Olympus FE-350 Wide
Olympus FE-360
Olympus FE-4000
Olympus FE-4010
Olympus FE-4030
Olympus FE-4050
Olympus FE-5000
Olympus FE-5010
Olympus FE-5020
Olympus FE-5030
Olympus FE-5035
Olympus FE-5050
Olympus FE-5500
Olympus IR-300
Olympus LS-20M
Olympus Mju 1040
Olympus Mju 1050
Olympus Mju 1060
Olympus Mju 1200
Olympus Mju 5000
Olympus Mju 5010
Olympus Mju 700
Olympus Mju 7000
Olympus Mju 7010
Olympus Mju 7020
Olympus Mju 7030
Olympus Mju 7040
Olympus Mju 720
Olympus Mju 725
Olympus Mju 730
Olympus Mju 740
Olympus Mju 750
Olympus Mju 760
Olympus Mju 770
Olympus Mju 780
Olympus Mju 790
Olympus Mju 820
Olympus Mju 830
Olympus Mju 840
Olympus Mju 850
Olympus Mju Tough 3000
Olympus SP-700
Olympus TOUGH TG-310
Olympus TOUGH TG-320
Olympus VG-165
Olympus VG-180
Olympus VH-210
Olympus VR-310
Olympus VR-320
Olympus VR-325
Olympus VR-330
Olympus X-15
Olympus X-560
Olympus X-600
Olympus X-750
Olympus X-785
Olympus X-790
Olympus X-795
Olympus X-800
Olympus X-820
Olympus X-825
Olympus X-830
Olympus X-835
Olympus X-845
Olympus X-855
Olympus X-875
Olympus X-890
Olympus X-895
Olympus X-905
Olympus X-915
Olympus X-920
Olympus X-925
Olympus X-930
Olympus X-935
Olympus X-960
Olympus X-970
Olympus µ 1040
Olympus µ 1050 SW
Olympus µ 1060
Olympus µ 1070
Olympus µ 1200
Olympus µ 5000
Olympus µ 5010
Olympus µ 550WP
Olympus µ 700
Olympus µ 7000
Olympus µ 7010
Olympus µ 7020
Olympus µ 7030
Olympus µ 7040
Olympus µ 7050
Olympus µ 710
Olympus µ 720 SW
Olympus µ 725 SW
Olympus µ 730
Olympus µ 740
Olympus µ 750
Olympus µ 760
Olympus µ 770 SW
Olympus µ 780
Olympus µ 790 SW
Olympus µ 820
Olympus µ 830
Olympus µ 840
Olympus µ 850 SW
Olympus µ TOUGH-3000
Olympus µ TOUGH-3005

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Very good price quality product. Serious and very reliable company (no problem), if I can move some advice the delivery times can improve (to be able to compete with other realities) however very good opinion
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Very well
(This review has been automatically translated. Original language: french.)
Verry good
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Can't say much about it. Unpack, plug in the socket, battery in the charger, wait for the green light and you're done! :-)
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