CELLONIC® Rechargeable Phone Battery for Aastra 660177 660177/R1C, Ascom 9D41 D41 R1D, Avaya DECT 3720, Ericsson DT 390, Swyx D210 D250, InnovaPhone IP61 BKB201010/1,FA01302005,FA83601195,660177 R1A Battery Replacement 650mAh

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Cell Technology:
Lithium Ion
3.6V - 3.7V

Compatibility list

Never miss a call with this compatible replacement Aastra 660177, 660177/R1C rechargeable battery for BT cordless phones, landline, DECT and IP phones from CELLONIC®.

This CELLONIC® Lithium Ion high-performance, rechargeable business and house phone battery is the perfect Aastra phone battery replacement, giving you long-term, reliable use – especially for those important calls.

Specifically designed for use as a BKB201010/1,FA01302005,FA83601195,660177 R1A replacement cordless phone battery / landline phone battery, with 100% compatibility for 660177, 660177/R1C telephones .

High-capacity, long battery life – High-quality, high 650mAh capacity long-life telecom battery.
Reliable replacement battery – modern, Lithium cells without memory effect holds its charge over longer periods.
Certified safety and quality – CE & ROHS certified, Grade A battery with short-circuit, overheating and overvoltage protection.
Thorough, comprehensive testing – each battery cell is tested for optimum capacity and to ensure all safety requirements are met – all before installation.

Technical Specifications:
Capacity: 650mAh
Voltage: 3.6V - 3.7V
Cell Technology: Lithium Ion

3-Year Guarantee
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Replaces the following products

Aastra BKB 201 010/1
Aastra FA01302005
Aastra FA83601195
Ascom BKB201010/1
Ascom FA01302005
Ascom FA83601195
Avaya 660177 R1A
Avaya 660177 R1D
Avaya BKB201010/1
Avaya FA01302005
Avaya FA83601195
Ericsson BKB201010/1
Ericsson FA01302005
Ericsson FA83601195

Fits the following devices

Aastra 660177
Aastra 660177/R1C
Ascom 9D41
Ascom D41
Ascom D43
Ascom R1D
Avaya DECT 3720
Avaya DECT 3730
Avaya DH6
Ericsson DT 390
InnovaPhone IP61
InnovaPhone IP64
Mitel 5602
Mitel 5603
Mitel 5613
Mitel 5614
Swyx D210
Swyx D215

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