USB Data Cable for Airis T483L / T920 / T483 / T480 / T480E / T610 / T620 / T940T 1m Long Fast Transfer Charging Cable 1A PVC Black

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CELLONIC® Mini USB to USB A mobile phone Fast Charger and high speed data transfer cable – replacement for Airis chargers and Airis T483L / T920 / T483 / T480 charging cables.

Lost or damaged your original Airis charging cable? Need a high-quality, long-lasting replacement charging data cable for your smartphone that offers reliable, solid connection and Fast Charging?

This top quality, durable, strong and tough Mini USB to USB A phone USB adapter with a tangle- and kink-free 1m PVC mobile phone charger cord is the perfect replacement USB 2.0 cable for Airis T483L / T920 / T483 / T480 smart phones .

Charge your Airis phone quickly with this Fast Charging 1A phone battery charger that also functions as a high speed 480 MBit/s - USB 2.0 mobile data cable for syncing and transferring files to and from computers and other devices. 

High quality, high speed 480 MBit/s - USB 2.0 file transfer cable and smartphone charger with Fast Charging 1A capability
Backwards-compatible with previous USB versions
Long-lasting and reliable - flexible, break-proof 1m new phone charger with kink protection

CELLONIC® USB phone charger & data lead
Cable Material: PVC
Plug Material: PVC
Connector 1: Mini USB connector
Connector 2: USB A adapter
Version: USB 2.0
Charging Current: 1A
Data rate (max): 480 MBit/s - USB 2.0
1m long USB lead
Colour: Black

3 Year Manufacturer Guarantee
CELLONIC® Fast Charging cables stand for high-quality and certified standards – that’s why they come with a 36-month guarantee!

Fits the following devices

Airis T480
Airis T480E
Airis T482
Airis T483
Airis T483L
Airis T605
Airis T610
Airis T620
Airis T900
Airis T920
Airis T920E
Airis T930
Airis T940E
Airis T940EI
Airis T940I
Airis T940T
Airis T940T1
Airis T940T2

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