CELLONIC® 12V Li Ion Power Tool Battery for Milwaukee M12 FIWF12,M12 BDD, M12BDDX,C12 PC, M12 CH,M12 CDD 3Ah M12, M12B Battery Replacement

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Cell Technology:
Li Ion

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CELLONIC® 12V, 3Ah replacement power tool battery offers long life and lasting, reliable power for Milwaukee M12 FIWF12, M12 BDD, M12BDDX,C12 PC, M12 CH, M12 CDD cordless tools and other models.

A fast charging, long lasting Milwaukee 12V replacement battery or spare battery pack for M12 FIWF12, M12 BDD, M12BDDX,C12 PC, M12 CH, M12 CDD power tools, this high-capacity rechargeable cordless tool battery pack from CELLONIC® will keep your portable power tools working for longer.

Specifically designed as a M12, M12B replacement battery adapter for power tools, this portable tool battery offers:

High-capacity, long battery life – 3Ah for lasting charge, fewer charging breaks and less time spent waiting for your work tools to charge.
Long service life at full power – Lithium cells without memory effect backup battery pack that retains charge without power fluctuations.
Certified safety and quality – CE & ROHS certified, Grade A battery with short-circuit, overheating and overvoltage protection.
Thorough, comprehensive testing – each battery cell is tested for optimum capacity and to ensure all safety requirements are met – all before installation.

Power Tool Battery Pack Specifications:
Capacity: 3Ah
Voltage: 12V
Cell Technology: Li Ion

3-Year Guarantee
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Replaces the following products

Milwaukee M12
Milwaukee M12B

Fits the following devices

Milwaukee C12 BL2
Milwaukee C12 CME
Milwaukee C12 CMH
Milwaukee C12 D
Milwaukee C12 DD
Milwaukee C12 HZ
Milwaukee C12 IC
Milwaukee C12 IC AVA
Milwaukee C12 IC AVD
Milwaukee C12 ID
Milwaukee C12 IW
Milwaukee C12 JSR
Milwaukee C12 LTGE
Milwaukee C12 LTGH
Milwaukee C12 MT
Milwaukee C12 PC
Milwaukee C12 PD
Milwaukee C12 PEX
Milwaukee C12 PN
Milwaukee C12 PP
Milwaukee C12 PPC
Milwaukee C12 PXP
Milwaukee C12 RAD
Milwaukee C12 RT
Milwaukee C12 T
Milwaukee C12 T LED
Milwaukee C12 WS
Milwaukee C12-28 DCR
Milwaukee C12PN
Milwaukee M12 AL
Milwaukee M12 BD
Milwaukee M12 BDC6
Milwaukee M12 BDC8
Milwaukee M12 BDD
Milwaukee M12 BDDX
Milwaukee M12 BPD
Milwaukee M12 BS
Milwaukee M12 BSD
Milwaukee M12 BST
Milwaukee M12 CC
Milwaukee M12 CCS44
Milwaukee M12 CD
Milwaukee M12 CDD
Milwaukee M12 CH
Milwaukee M12 CHZ
Milwaukee M12 CID
Milwaukee M12 CIW12
Milwaukee M12 CIW14
Milwaukee M12 CPD
Milwaukee M12 DE
Milwaukee M12 FIR12
Milwaukee M12 FIR14
Milwaukee M12 FIR38
Milwaukee M12 FIW14
Milwaukee M12 FIW38
Milwaukee M12 FIWF12
Milwaukee M12 GG
Milwaukee M12 HBW
Milwaukee M12 HJ
Milwaukee M12 HJ BL2
Milwaukee M12 HJ Black
Milwaukee M12 HJ CMO3
Milwaukee M12 HJ HI-VIS
Milwaukee M12 HJ RED2
Milwaukee M12 HPT
Milwaukee M12 HV
Milwaukee M12 IC
Milwaukee M12 IC AV3
Milwaukee M12 IR
Milwaukee M12 JS
Milwaukee M12 JSSP
Milwaukee M12 LL
Milwaukee M12 MLED
Milwaukee M12 PCG/310C
Milwaukee M12 PCG/400A
Milwaukee M12 PCG/600A
Milwaukee M12 SAL
Milwaukee M12 SL
Milwaukee M12 SLED
Milwaukee M12 TI
Milwaukee M12 TLED
Milwaukee M12-18 JSSP

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